Attic care and maintenance

When you think about your list of your around the house maintenance and repair jobs, is your attic included on that list? If you haven’t taken a look at your attic for quite some time, then that first peek may just mean an entire new to-do list. Beyond just insulating an attic for energy efficiency, attics also need their share of regular maintenance and repair.

Mr. Handyman of Burnaby and New Westminster in Vancouver are fully-insured professionals who can handle any type of job, including tackling your attic needs. They explain some of the services they provide to keep your attic in top shape:

Attic insulation

A properly insulated attic can be the key to improving your home’s energy efficiency, as well as saving costly payments on energy bills. The insulation will help keep the temperatures in your house stable, so that even during hot summers you won’t be reaching for the A/C constantly.

If your attic is not yet insulated, then a handyman can easily come in and do it for you. Some homeowners defer to DIY insulation installation, however, hiring a handyman takes away the stress and time it takes to do so. If, on the other hand, your attic is already insulated, a handyman will do an inspection of the insulation instead. If the insulation isn’t up to code or you are still losing money, they will know if it’s time to install new insulation.

Regular maintenance and mold prevention

Just like getting regular maintenance for your external roofing or a check-up for your furnace, your attic also needs the same care. If there are cracks or even holes appearing in your attic, it can mean a more serious roof problem. Left uncared for or unchecked, it can quickly become an expensive problem. These openings also invite rain to seep in and create the perfect environment to develop mold, mildew or even rot. If this happens and it isn’t properly taken care of early on, it can result in costly repairs down the road.

Calling a handyman in to check your attic means that they will be able to spot any such damage early and seal it before it can spread. A handyman can also check any places where mold may be and take preventative steps to ensure it doesn’t develop. Proper insulation can also help with preventing mold from ever developing. Read more about recognizing symptoms of mold exposure and signs of mold growth.

Attic vent and fan maintenance and cleaning

Attic ventilation is important for keeping the air quality in your home at top quality. Together, the vents and fans create proper airflow in the attic, pulling in clean air and pushing out the attic air. This helps with balancing your home’s temperature, as well as helping keep your attic dry.

Because of the function of both, it’s important to make sure they get regular maintenance and cleaning. A handyman can easily take care of both. Regular vent cleaning will keep the air intake and output clean and efficient, while fan maintenance ensures it’s working properly. In addition to cleaning and maintenance, if your attic doesn’t already have a fan, a handyman can install one. Likewise, if your fan is old, a handyman can easily install a newer and more efficient option.

Handyman in Vancouver 

The professionals at Mr. Handyman guarantee quality work and service each and every time you work with them. Whether it’s a quick repair or you need help tackling an entire to-do list, Mr. Handyman are the professionals to call. From basic repairs to home improvement, they offer services in anything you need.

Don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Handyman today!

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