Avoid These Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

A kitchen renovation can be a large investment and sometimes a complicated process. Hiring professional general contractors like Lambert Brothers Construction in Edmonton and surrounding areas can make sure your kitchen remodel investment gets a good return.

Here are some kitchen reno mistakes to avoid:

Bad work flow.

When you work with a professional designer, they will create a floor plan for your kitchen that has good work flow. A big part of the design will be where the main work areas of the kitchen are located and making sure they are in an efficient location. For example, you want the dishes cabinets to be near the dishwasher, and ample counter space beside the stove (which isn’t too far from the fridge). Some designers create the ‘work triangle’ in their plan, placing the kitchen, stove and sink in a triangle formation within the space.

Not enough counter space.

You’ll always regret not having enough counter space. If you have the room, put in a counter, and don’t be afraid to get creative with it. You can have a work space on a beautiful island or peninsula in the kitchen. You can also extend the work space by installing additional cabinetry or shelving supports beneath. This is something your designer at Lambert Brothers Construction can help you with. Have a small kitchen? Read these easy ways to create more counter space in a tiny kitchen. 

Not creating a detailed enough budget.

Creating a budget, and sticking to it, is a critical part of your kitchen renovation. Without a well-laid plan, including a well-laid budget, it will become very easy to overspend. Ask your general contractor to help you set a budget, and how to allocate your money accordingly. For example, you’ll need to use a large portion of your budget for cabinetry and you should always include a 10% buffer in your budget for unforeseen mishaps during the renovation.

Not hiring a general contractor.

The DIY approach is always a scary one when it comes to major remodels like a kitchen renovation. Even an avid DIYer will not have the same skills, experience and knowledge as a seasoned general contractor. Hiring Lambert Brothers Construction is like hiring a pro project manager. They will help with everything from design to hiring, managing and scheduling sub-trades and can even recommend some ideas for your renovation you may not have considered. In the end, you’ll get a quality finished product that is compliant to building code, built to last and that will not need replacing anytime soon.

Start renovating that kitchen! Contact Lambert Brothers Construction.


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