Back up power options for your new acreage

Many people have chosen to move to rural areas during the pandemic. An acreage can provide plenty of indoor and outdoor living spaces and is an excellent option for families looking to live closer to nature.

If you’ve moved to an acreage recently, you might not have considered the need for backup power. Unfortunately, storms, fallen trees, and other issues can create power outages more often in the country. Increased power outages are because there are more overhead power lines and more trees. In addition, rural power outages might take more time to resolve depending on your location, so you need a backup plan.

“We’ve had the experience of customers who have lost power enough times, or long enough, that they’ve lost food in the fridge and freezers,” shared Terry Henderson of Westland Electric in Calgary, “Having a backup power plan for rural electric is a good idea.”

Here are some options for backup power on your rural property:

A solar system with battery storage

If your property gets a lot of sunshine, a solar system is a green, sustainable and practical backup power solution. Electricians in Calgary can inspect your property and make suggestions for solar panel installation. They can also suggest an appropriate battery storage capacity that would meet your specific needs. For example, you might need enough power to run critical appliances during a power outage. Or, you might want to run the entire home.

If you’re opting for an electric vehicle (EV) now or in the future, your backup power system can utilize the extensive capacity of your EV to power your home in the event of a utility power loss.  The right equipment, installed by a qualified electrician, can charge your car and stationary battery bank via solar energy during an outage and allow you to use your EV to “fetch power” from the nearest unaffected fast-charging station to bring power back to your country home.

Back up power generator

Natural gas power generators are also a popular option for rural backup power supply. New, energy-efficient power generators are much different from the older counterparts you might be envisioning. These generators use smart technology. They test themselves for power output and efficiency, and you can control them through an application on your smart device. In addition, they are quiet and are built to produce much lower emissions than their predecessors. Knowledgeable Calgary electricians can show you the best options for backup natural gas power generators for your specific needs.

If you live on a rural property that is on an overhead power line network, and your property has lots of trees, this is a good option. First, you might be too shaded for adequate solar coverage, though clearing some trees for your panels will help. Secondly, buried natural gas lines will never be susceptible to heavy winds, storms, and the fallen trees and branches that often knock out electrical overhead power lines.

If you want to talk more about your rural electrical backup options, contact Westland Electric!

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