Bad Appliances Give your Home A High Power Bill

The reason you have a high power bill could be because of your appliances and not the electrical company. This could be because your appliances are old and are consuming more electricity than they should.

Source: Brendan Wood via Flickr
What you don’t want is a high power bill


Sediment, dirt and minerals are constantly going to collect at the bottom of the heater. Left unchecked, it will force your heater to consume more electricity and work harder to produce hot water. Eventually, your heater may even start to rust from the inside.

Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioners are massive consumers of electricity and it gets worse when they’re poorly maintained. Dust and dirt can easily clog up their filters leading to poor circulation in your home. This will result in you lowering the AC temperature in an attempt to cool the room better, further leading to the AC consuming drastic amounts of electricity.


The functioning of a fridge is highly dependent on how things are placed within it. You should place food items in such a manner that it improves circulation. Various components of the fridge should also be in a good condition. For example, a buildup of dust particles and debris on the evaporator coil will force it to guzzle more electricity and work harder

HVAC System

An HVAC system is a fantastic way to regulate the temperature at home. However, if your HVAC system is congested with debris, cobwebs and dust, it is going to affect the airflow. In turn, your HVAC system will utilize more power to cool the rooms. This only gets worse if there are dead insects or even rodents in your HVAC duct.

Bottom line – maintain your appliances well so that your home doesn’t face high electric charges. Maintaining appliances increases their life and prevents problems that disrupt your home.

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