Basement renovation ideas: work spaces and fitness areas

COVID-19 has changed the way many people work and learn. Many businesses have transitioned to a remote workforce, with employees working at home. Post-secondary institutions are mostly offering online courses, and more parents are choosing to educate their school-aged children at home.

Since many of us are choosing to work out at home instead of going to the gym, you can also consider renovating a part of your house to act as a home gym. If you’re looking for the right space to make all this happen, the basement is an excellent place to start.

Total Touch Contracting in Edmonton offers basement renovation services. They share some basement renovation ideas for building a home office or a fitness area downstairs.

Ideas for a home office or learning space

Home offices need their own space

It might have worked temporarily to have a desk shoved in the corner of the living room for working at home but to be productive in the long-term, you’ll need a dedicated space. If you’re having your basement renovated, include a separate room for your home office in the design plan. Having a space (with its own door) will give you the privacy and quiet you need to conduct meetings and complete tasks productively. This is especially important if you have young children at home. Check out these basement home office ideas for inspiration.

Create a smart lighting plan

Smart lighting plans are important for any basement renovation. Having the right lighting is even more critical for working and learning spaces. Make sure there a large window in the room so you can have some natural lighting. Exposure to natural light has mental health benefits, helping you to feel happier and more productive while working. Working and concentrating without good lighting can also have a negative impact on your eyesight.

For offices, study areas, or a home school space, ensure you have good ambient lighting. Common ambient lighting in a basement is recessed lighting, also known as pot lights. In addition to ambient lighting, having desk lamps or another task lighting can help with both mood and productivity. Things should feel bright and cheery, and that is possible with the right lighting plan – even in the basement!

Add custom storage solutions

Without the right storage, things in a home office or home learning space can get cluttered and disorganized fast. Custom closet systems can provide smart and effective storage solutions. Including a closet in your new home office will provide the space to do that. It will also allow you to transition the room into a spare bedroom if you no longer need to work from home in the future.

Otherwise, be smart in your furniture selection. Storage cabinets, shelving, and filing cabinets will come in handy for a home school classroom and for a home office worker.

Ideas for a home gym

Choose the right underlay and flooring products

If you’re starting with an unfinished basement, you’ll be putting new flooring down on top of concrete. Investing in a soft underlay can make a big difference in a home gym. You need more shock absorption if you’re going to be exercising there. You’ll also want something with a little more traction. Plus, if you drop a weight on concrete, it will damage your equipment. If you have a thicker underlay, vinyl can be a good option for your gym. It’s durable, long-lasting, resistant to moisture, and easy to clean. If you are really committed, consider rubber flooring for that space.

Make sure you have space and airflow

Work out equipment, like treadmills and rowing machines, can take up a lot of space. When planning the design for your basement, make sure you give your home gym the space it needs to have the equipment you want. You should also consider the ventilation in your basement. If possible, make sure there are windows you can open in the fitness area. For the winter months, installing ceiling fans can help the space air out.

Consider a bathroom addition

If you’re planning on spending more time in the basement working, and working out, a bathroom is essential. You can save yourself trips upstairs to use the washroom. Plus, after a sweaty workout, you can have a shower downstairs and come up fresh. Total Touch Contracting can help you create a basement renovation plan that includes a bathroom addition. Not only will this be useful while working, learning, and exercising, it will also increase the value of your home overall.

Basement Renovations in Edmonton

Total Touch Contracting is a renovation company that offers home renovation services and complete landscaping services. No matter what your reason for upgrading your home, Total Touch Contracting will provide high-quality customer service, work, and flawless results.

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