Basement suites: design tips and ideas

Renovating your basement into a livable space is a great way to double up on investments and value. By building a suite, it can serve as a luxurious space for visiting relatives or potential renters. Either way, it’s a worthwhile investment, and with the right designs, it’ll be a sure-selling suite!

Creekside Building Solutions in Calgary are a professional building and renovations company for all your needs. They share some design tips and ideas to make the perfect basement suite:

Use colours to make a small ceiling feel big

Ideally, with a basement suite, you want a nice high ceiling to encourage a spacious and open feel. But, unless you are building a suite from scratch, your basement ceiling height is likely fixed. Low ceilings aren’t always a deal-breaker, though, especially when paint can make it feel bigger. Keep both the ceiling and wall colours the same, ideally something bright, for a light, cozy feeling. Wallpaper on ceilings can also give the illusion of your ceiling being taller by drawing attention up to it.

Open concept full kitchen and living room

Having a full kitchen is a must in any basement suite, but especially one with a dishwasher. Little added luxuries like that will impress and draw in tenants thanks to that quality of life perk. As for a living room, it’s another must-have when you design a suite. Even though basements have less freedom with layout space, that’s where open-concepts come in. By combining the living room and kitchen, it creates a sense of the room looking bigger. It makes the most of the space available, without sacrificing any elements from either the kitchen or living room.

Combine laundry and a full bathroom

Just like a full kitchen, a full bathroom with a shower and tub is best. Instead of trying to choose for your tenants, give the option for either a bath or shower. Likewise, giving tenants their own laundry is a make it or break it addition for most renters. If your basement has room for a separate laundry, great! If not, then combine laundry with the bathroom to save on space. Since all that’s needed is a washer and dryer, a stackable unit won’t take up much room. Build a half-wall to create a little nook and voila! Plus, it’s also a cost-effective combo since the water supply is already available.

Recessed lighting and light colours

Basements suffer both from overly bright lighting and too little, resulting in a gloomy, dark space. Recessed lighting, though, is a safe and popular lighting choice for almost any basement. Low ceiling basements won’t suffer from fixtures taking up space, and there is no harsh glare from bulbs. Adding multiple sources of lighting is also a great way to evenly add light throughout the suite. For example, add accent lights on the walls or task lighting under cabinets. As for colours, it’s better to stick to bright or cooler shades. Dark colours can work, but only with the right light and complementing furniture. For example, cool greys with brighter colour pops work well for any suites. Or, if you want a bolder suite, then bright pastels will provide just that! For more ideas, take a look at these paint colours that are perfect for a bright basement suite!

Basement Renovations and General Contractor in Calgary

Creekside Building Solutions pride themselves on their quality of work and customer dedication. They offer building services in everything from renovations, lighting, concrete contracting and snow removal. Anything you need, Creekside Building Solutions can provide!

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