Basement vs kitchen: which should you renovate first  

So, you’ve decided to renovate one of the two main areas in your home: the kitchen and the basement. Both are great choices and are guaranteed to add value and long-term benefits to your home. Still, with both also being such major investments, where do you start?

Eurobuild Construction in Vancouver is a professional general contracting company. They share some tips and help to decide whether to start with your basement or kitchen renovation: 

Lifestyle vs ROI

Start with an easy question: are you renovating for a lifestyle upgrade or to boost property value? Both basements and kitchens are great for return on investment, but basements can recoup more if your basement is undeveloped. If your basement is unfinished, start with that to benefit from the added square footage and various ways to use it. A guest bedroom, rental suite, or added bathroom, for example, will all make your home stand out on the market. Basements will be the more expensive option, so make sure you have the budget to tackle this one first.

Otherwise, if the kitchen is outdated and the basement is finished, focus on your renovations there instead. A functional and attractive kitchen is just as essential, and even a minor renovation can add thousands to your resale value.

When it comes to lifestyle, it will be a matter of personal choice. Do you want a luxury chef-worthy kitchen with new high-end features? Or, do you want a private gym or home theatre in the basement to enjoy. There’s no wrong choice, so focus on the renovation that would benefit your lifestyle and home.

Renovate basements with purpose 

Don’t fall prey to renovating your basement because it’s a popular project to tackle. Basements require the right investment, time, and a clear goal to really be worthwhile. If you are debating whether or not to renovate your basement, consider holding off. A half attempt brings the risk of a disastrous finish and one that doesn’t add value in the end. Even if you don’t have the time or budget for a full renovation, focus on a few small changes. New flooring or simple half-bath additions are both practical and a great way to get a head start on the basement. Any renovation made with purpose will add value, while even small changes will go a long way. 

Renovate kitchens to sell 

If you’re planning to list your house, then focus your renovations on the kitchen instead. As the heart of a home, kitchens play a central part in either making or breaking a sale. That doesn’t mean you have to invest thousands in a major renovation, but do take the time to see what needs to be repaired or updated. For example, reface worn cabinets, install cost-effective yet attractive new flooring, and invest in energy-efficient appliances. Even just a fresh coat of paint can go a long way to update the kitchen’s look and feel and help appeal to buyers.

Consider a split 

If both the kitchen and basement need minor renovation attention, why not split the work? Focus on the changes that are necessary to update both spaces and then combine the work. Install new flooring in each area and put some fresh paint to work to transform the look and feel. Not only will combined work save time and stress, but it can also save money. Buy any materials in bulk and then, instead of paying for multiple visits, have your contractor handle the work all at once.

Kitchen Renovations in Vancouver and Basement Renovations in Vancouver 

High-quality yet affordable service and work are what EuroBuild Construction is proud to provide. They help take away the stress of any project so that you get peace of mind and satisfaction every time. Their range of services includes everything from remodeling, construction, and general home improvements. No matter what you need, EuroBuild Construction is there to help.

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