Bathroom renovations that maximize a smaller bathroom

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Not every home is graced with an oversized bathroom, but there’s a lot you can do with the one you’ve got. You might be adding an ensuite addition within your home’s current footprint, which might leave you tight for space. Or in smaller houses or homes with an awkward configuration, the bathroom might be smaller than you’d like. But don’t fret, you can still turn a smaller space into something luxurious! Here are some tips to maximize your small or medium-sized bathroom, from Grindstone Renovations in Winnipeg.

Changing the layout of the bathroom

The layout of a bathroom dictates how the space feels and operates. It can be the root of the problem. This change will require your bathroom to be gutted and completely redesigned. The plumbing could be moved around to change the location of the toilet, sink, or tub. While more costly, it does give you the chance to build it in a way that works for you and your family. The talented design team at Grindstone Renovations can create a new layout for your bathroom that will make it more functional, modern and visually appealing too.

Paint and mirrors

There are some design features that trick the eye in order to make space appear larger. For example, painting your bathroom with more neutral tones will help, rather than something bright or dark. In fact, white or off-white walls and bathroom cabinets are trending right now, as well as lighter or white tile and countertop materials. A large mirror can help make the room seem larger, but be careful not to use up too much valuable storage space.

Optimize storage

Storage may be one of the main problems that smaller bathrooms have. There are a few ways to do this. One way is to have a sink with a cabinet beneath it to store your belongings. Another may be to look into shelving options, being able to stack them on the wall in different areas or install storage behind your vanity mirror if possible. This is also something a good interior designer can help plan.

Redirect the door

At times the door can swing the wrong way blocking access to the sink and vanity. One way to fix this is to change the hinge location and swing of the door so it opens the other way.

Another way to fix this is to install a concealed sliding door. These come out of the wall and are completely hidden when retracted into the wall. This can usually be done, if there are no utilities, like electrical or plumbing, running through the wall. If you’re doing a major home remodel, it might be worth having those utilities moved if possible.

Bathroom Renovations in Winnipeg

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Grindstone Renovations is your trusted source for quality basement, bathroom, and kitchen renovations. With over 25 years of combined experience, their team is ready to take on your toughest projects, making sure they’re done on time and on budget. They are comprised of talented craftsmen in every area, from plumbing to carpentry.

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