Bay vs bow windows: differences and benefits  

Windows are just as an important part of your home as any other system or appliance you invest in. They provide natural lighting, ventilation, visual aesthetic and, with the right choice, can be quite energy efficient. They also come in a variety of looks and styles that can completely change the appearance of your home, both inside and out. But if you are looking for a dramatic and elegant addition, then consider either bay or bow windows.

Both styles are an easy way to add an elegant feature to any room and are easy to install, especially for professionals like GreenFox Windows. Along with the installation, GreenFox Windows also explains the difference between bow and bay windows.

Bay windows

This type of window is a set of three windows built at angles, with the centre window made slightly wider than the adjoining pairs. This creates a small outward projection, and from the interior perspective, it creates a large or small alcove. Bay windows are a great way to create a feeling of spaciousness in a room, without having to renovate. While the centre window is fixed, the side windows can be installed with casement or double-hung to open for ventilation. Depending on the size of the windows and house, it can be turned into a window seat feature. Look for more window seat inspiration for your home.

The width, size and additional glass of both styles of windows, make them perfect for letting in plenty of natural lighting. Thanks to the possibility of casement or double-hung windows as well, bay windows do not compromise on providing fresh air.

When it comes to installing windows in Calgary, you’ll want to hire professionals such as GreenFox Windows and Doors to make sure the sizing and supports are properly done. You should also consider the location, as sidewalks or streets may be issues because of how far out a bay window tends to extend.

Bow windows

Bow windows also have the curved design of a bay window, however, they tend to be wider. Additionally, they are made up of four to six windows, instead of just three. A benefit of this however, is that the external projection is not as far out as a bay window.

Just like bay windows, natural lighting won’t be a problem with bow windows. In fact, lighting with this style may be even better because of there are more windows. On the other hand, ventilation may be problematic because of the close-set installation of the windows. Installing any openings may affect the visual appeal of the look, which is why fixed windows are the preferred style. That being said, with Calgary weather enjoying bouncing between weather extremes, you’ll want your new Calgary windows to also be compatible for any kind of weather.

Contact GreenFox Windows and Doors to install your new bow or bay feature windows!

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