Beautiful, raw architectural concrete

Architectural Concrete

Raw, unfinished, untouched concrete in architecture and design is becoming more popular in residential home builds and renovations. It provides a raw and natural finish to the space while serving a practical structural function. It can be used in both exterior and interior applications. It does however require well training carpenters and finisher to achieve proper results – and in turn not need post-pour parging or sacking.

Levcon Construction Ltd. in Vancouver shares more:

Architectural concrete is versatile in design. 

Architectural concrete has taken the spotlight in modern design. It is incredibly versatile and can be used in a range of construction projects. It can take virtually any shape, with the help of proper formwork systems.

The concrete mix can include a range of cement types and aggregates. You can add pigments to the mix to give a specific colour. Once poured and stripped, your concrete should be complete with a light polish. If more than 5% of your walls need parged or sacked – we would say it is not truely architectural.  Check out these unique architectural concrete images for inspiration.

Architectural concrete is a solid building material.

This type of raw concrete is not just for aesthetics, although it does look great. Concrete is structural and last a lifetime when installed using well-designed and building code compliant formwork. The formwork is the temporary or permanent molds created prior to the concrete installation. Using the proper formwork for the design make impacts the finish profoundly. The concrete is poured into these molds to give you the desired structural and design shape.

Your architectural concrete will be built and installed properly and will last for years to come.

Why it’s important to hire architectural concrete experts:

Architectural concrete is a stunning method of construction, but it must be done correctly. You wouldn’t ask your plumber to do your electrical would you?  Yet may people ask framers to do the forming – this may be fine if you concrete is not visible. But it is architectural or visible – only an experienced forming company like Levcon Construction can do the job right. If this is something that you’re interested in for your next building project, make sure you hire concrete contractors that have proven experience in architectural concrete.

Through thoughtful planning, they’ll help you create a design plan for your project. Then they will execute it. It will include proper formwork construction and professional concrete placing. Levcon Construction uses top-of-the-line equipment throughout all stages of the project and will ensure all construction is compliant with building code requirements.

Concrete Contractors in Vancouver

Levcon Construction specializes in beautiful, raw architectural concrete. Raw and natural look in concrete is timeless and will give you a finish you’ll love and that will last years to come. Levcon has extensive experience in concrete forming, architectural concrete and custom precast concrete design and installation. If you’re looking for something truly beautiful and unique, contact Levcon Construction today!


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