Benefits and design ideas for a multi-level landscape

Why design a flat landscape when you can build vertically and benefit from more than one design element? With multi-level designs, you benefit from just that by combining height with a blend of materials and features. Not only that, but these landscape designs bring major benefits for your home’s value and curb appeal.

RCLCanada in Edmonton provides quality landscape design and construction. They share some of the benefits and design ideas for a multi-level landscape:

Hills or slopes? No problem!

Trying to plan a landscape around uneven terrain can be a challenge and may even eliminate certain designs. But with a multi-level design, it takes the uneven ground and completely enhances it. Multi-level yards focus on creating depth and dimension in your yard, with different points of interest. Retaining walls will help build up the levels while winding pathways can connect each area. Use different materials for a blend of features, or stick with one material for a unified appearance. A multi-level designs help turn hills and slopes into a seamless design that flows throughout your yard.

Best of hardscape and softscape

Part of working with a multi-level yard means designing with both hardscape and softscape elements. Retaining walls, for example, are the perfect way to build up levels or create distinct areas. Connecting the areas with pathways will create a sense of grandness, or fill each wall with a colourful array of plants. These will create focal points that help draw the eye around your yard.

Even water features can have a place, such as container gardens or a waterfall that flows between sections. Not only do you get the design benefits, but you can also enjoy the perks of a soothing water feature.

Outdoor dining area and fire lounge

Multi-level yards aren’t just limited to a series of rises and walls; instead, they can also incorporate level sections. This way, you can enjoy the design without compromising outdoor seating or even a patio. Popular additions to a leveled area can be an outdoor dining room, complete with a patio or pergola for shade. Likewise, a lounge seating area with a feature fireplace is just as perfect an addition. Whatever outdoor activities you enjoy best are what will make the ideal addition for your new landscape. Take a look at some of these beautiful multi-level yard designs, to get inspired for your own backyard.

Hire a professional to help

With so many different features, materials, and needing the right layout, its best to work with a professional. Not only do they have the experience to execute the work, but they can also help with the little details. They know which plants, for example, would look best or where to arrange each type, what sort of water feature to include and where, or the best place for a lounge that will get the best of both the sun and shade. With a professional, they’ll help ensure that every detail is exactly how you want it. They’ll also help create the perfect budget, so you get your dream yard without going overbudget.

Landscapers in Edmonton

Big or small, no landscape project is too much for RCLCanada to handle for you. They guarantee they are the right company to call with over 40 years of landscape design and installation. From stone walls, water features, landscape design, and more, RCLCanada has something to help with any project.

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