Benefits and design impact between cedar shakes vs shingles

Choosing the right roof plays a big part in affecting the curb appeal of your home. Cedar roofing in particular, instantly adds a touch of natural beauty to a home, which easily enhances the visual appeal. With that in mind, choosing between different cedar styles, such as shakes or shingles, can also play a role in your home’s appearance.

Century Roofing in Calgary is a professional roofing and exterior siding contractor company. They share the benefit and design differences between cedar shakes and shingles:

Benefits of wood roofing

Cedar roofing overall offers many benefits. As wood is a natural thermal conductor, cedar roofs are highly insulated, giving your home higher energy efficiency. It is also highly wind-resistant. While most cedar roofing is installed raw, you can pay extra for it to be treated with a fire retardant for added fire resistance. The initial installation cost will be much more than asphalt roofing, which is another highly popular roof option. However, wood roofing can easily last twice as long, making the investment well worthwhile.

Cedar roofing comes as either shingles or shakes. Shingles are made from sawn logs, resulting in a fitted design that is also thinner than shakes. Shakes, on the other hand, are made by splitting wood in thin slabs that are then placed in overlapping rows. This results in a more rustic and natural-looking design. Depending on which style you pair with your home, it will create different visual effects. Need some ideas for your own home? Take a look at these cedar roofs and home design ideas.

Cedar shingle design

Thanks to the thinner more delicate appearance of cedar shingles, they pair well with houses going for an elegant and vintage appearance. For example, Victorian homes are one such architecture style that fits quite nicely with shingles. Homes with wide porches, gambrel roofs, and large windows, bring out more elegance with cedar shingles. Keep in mind that if left unstained, shingles tend to fade to a light gray. This itself can help add to that vintage style, or the shingles can be re-stained to maintain their colouring.

Cedar shakes design

Since cedar shakes are naturally more rustic in appearance; they are ideal for country style home or cottage appearances. Even if your home isn’t surrounded by woods, simply adding cedar shakes can help give it that cottage look. Architecturally, traditional Georgian style homes are highly enhanced with cedar shakes. As a classically styled home already, the rustic appearance of the shakes draws out that style even more. Another way to compliment cedar shakes is by working with a stone design on your home. Together, this pairing creates a sleek, stylish home, with major curb appeal.

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