Benefits and design tips for custom bathroom cabinets

Renovating your home is one of those investments that can and will pay off the more you put into it. With bathroom renovations in particular, while a basic renovation will increase value, adding some custom work, such as cabinets, will double that.

Accord Cabinets in Winnipeg professionally design, manufacture and install custom cabinets. They share some of the benefits and ideas for custom bathroom cabinets:

No bathroom is the same

The basic utilities that you have in a bathroom are usually the same, but the layout and space are what’s different. Some bathrooms may have lots of room, others less, others have lots of wall space and some more floor space. The thing with bathrooms is that each one will be slightly different in some way, which makes custom cabinets so perfect.

When you buy a custom cabinet, you can decide how tall, short, wide or narrow it will be. Whatever space or storage you need in your bathroom, a custom cabinet is built to fit just that need. Design-wise too, you can choose a style that matches your bathroom theme. Do you have a spa-like master bathroom, or more of an elegant, marble addition, designed bathroom? Instead of trying to find a stock cabinet that will match, you can just design it yourself!

It adds to the value of your bathroom

Having an appealing and functional bathroom is just as important for value as having the same in a kitchen. Remodeling a bathroom can easily recoup 67.2% of the cost, making that alone worth the investment. Adding custom cabinets, which are always a popular feature for potential buyers, will add even more value to your home. Investing in quality, functionality, and design will always pay off when it comes to making your home even better.

Consider a floating vanity with open floor shelf

A floating vanity is a clever way to create the sense that your bathroom is actually bigger than it is. The open space beneath the vanity does give the illusion of more floor space, but it can also be a clever storage space. Installing a floating shelf to the base of your vanity creates a perfect spot to store your towels. Since floating vanities can be installed at any height, you still get the design benefits and with added storage!

Make the most of wall space

Don’t forget the potential space that your bathroom walls hold when you plan for storage solutions. Wall storage is not only great for small bathrooms, but even big bathrooms can benefit as well. Add floating cabinets above the toilet or next to the sink for a simple, out-of-the-way space. Also, a tall, thin, wall-mounted cabinet can provide lots of storage, but without taking up too much space. Utilize the corners of your bathroom for wall-mounted cabinets or consider a recessed cabinet for minimal space taken! Take a look at these other bathroom wall cabinets for some custom ideas for your own!

Custom Cabinets in Winnipeg

At Accord Cabinets, they pride themselves on their dedication to their work and their customers. With every job, they guarantee the highest quality of work and attention to detail. Whatever their customers’ needs or wants, Accord Cabinets strives to provide just that. From kitchen cabinets, bathrooms and closets, they have a custom solution for every storage need!

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