Benefits and ideas for an attic conversion

Finding ways to turn unused space in your home into something functional is an excellent investment. It helps maximize your home’s full potential and adds undeniable value. The attic is one such potential space that can be renovated for added value and purpose. 

Alteck Group in Ottawa is a reputable general contractor that offers interior and exterior renovations. They share some of the benefits and design ideas for an attic conversion.

Valuable space

The main benefit of converting your attic is the conversion of dead space into something useable. For example, instead of an empty space or underutilized storage area, it can be a guest or kid’s room. Another valuable option is to use the new attic space as your home office. With the possibility of natural lighting, plenty of space and the benefits of a quiet environment, it’s the perfect workspace.

Natural lighting

When you convert your attic, it opens the opportunity to add new windows or spacious skylights. Natural light has many health benefits, like improving both mental and physical health. It also helps reduce eye strain caused by artificial lighting and reduces your electricity use. Alteck Group can also install a stylish staircase to connect the two spaces. That way, you can enjoy the lighting in all parts of your home. If you plan to install windows, work with the professional at Alteck Group to make sure you get the right style and airtight installation.

Less cost and time

Investing in a home extension is valuable, but it’s also quite expensive. With a loft conversion, the space is already there and just waiting to be used. The process itself is much less costly and more time-saving. Unlike adding to the footprint of your home with an addition, attic conversions are quicker and less intrusive. The labour costs will also be lower thanks to the existing structure that is already in place. 

Energy-efficient boost

Without the proper attic insulation and ventilation, any heat that goes into the attic will escape. That alone accounts for a significant loss of efficiency and higher monthly bills. Taking steps to install proper attic ventilation and insulation will help prevent that loss, as will a conversion. Once your attic is converted, extra insulation or reinforcements will be added to the space. That way, you can enjoy an even more energy-efficient home and a warm new attic space to enjoy. 

General Contractors in Ottawa

Whatever vision or idea you have for a project, Alteck Group can help turn it into a reality. Their quality products, superior workmanship, and honest customer service will help you meet your goals for your home. From kitchen, bathroom or basement renovations to attic conversions, they can help with your home renovation inside and out!

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