Benefits and reasons to install French doors in your home

French doors are one of those ageless styles that add class and beauty to any home. They offer the perfect blend between open windows and a grand entrance appearance. Beyond just appearances, though, French doors also offer some great benefits for your home.

GreenFox Windows & Doors in Calgary and Edmonton provides high-quality window and door replacements and professional installation. They share the benefits of installing French doors in your home:

Versatile design

One of the main benefits of French doors is their ability to complement any décor or home style. Whether a modern or traditional home, French doors will always boost a home’s overall appeal. They are also easily customizable in various colours, glass styles and different grilles. They also can work as both interior and exterior options. Master bedrooms will benefit from the grand entrance while sliding patio doors are popular to exchange with an elegant French door. Unlike other doors, these can conveniently swing open both ways.

Maximize light without losing energy 

Despite appearances, French doors are highly energy efficient. Added features, such as double-paned glass or a Low-E coating, will only further enhance their efficiency. The open glass design helps maximize the amount of sunlight into any room, and high efficient technology helps keep the heat from escaping. Ventilation is also never an issue, as the doors can open fully. A cool breeze in the summer is not only welcome, but it’ll also help with cutting down cooling costs. In the winter, the open glass design will still let the maximum sunlight and warmth into your home.  

Boosts home value and ROI 

New doors are guaranteed to help boost a home’s value, which makes choosing the right style important. The undeniable elegance and beauty of French doors make them a choice where you can’t go wrong. Potential buyers will notice and appreciate such an eye-catching entranceway and the curb appeal boost it provides. Even interior French doors can add value to a home and add that “wow” factor for buyers. If you have a backyard deck, swap out the sliding door for a French door. It’s attractive and functional too.

They are just as secure 

Door security is a top consideration among homeowners when it comes to choosing a new door. As for French doors, they are just as secure and safe as any other door. They come with quality locks to eliminate any break-ins, and with reinforced glass that doesn’t easily break. The only risk is a French door that isn’t installed properly, resulting in a gap left between the two doors. That can cause lower energy efficiency, as well as compromise security. To prevent any risks, call a professional to install your new French doors. That way, both their beauty and safety will be guaranteed.

Doors in Calgary and Edmonton

As top providers for quality services and products, GreenFox Windows & Doors is the company to call. They guarantee that any new windows or doors will add beauty and value to your home. GreenFox Windows & Doors provide a full range of different window and door styles so that you won’t be limited to any one design or style. They also offer a 10-year warranty on all their doors, to provide you with peace of mind.

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