Benefits of single stage gas valve, 2 stage and modulating furnaces


When it comes time to buy a new furnace, it can be hard to choose from so many different options. Furnace types include single-stage gas valve, two-stage and modulating. Each one comes with its own benefits and differences, which may affect your final decision.

Choosing a furnace replacement in Edmonton doesn’t have to be a confusing or stressful decision. Night “n” Day Home Services are HVAC and furnace specialists and they explain the benefits between each type of furnace:

Single-stage gas valve

This type of furnace is the most affordable option when it comes to furnaces. Simply put, a single-stage furnace has two settings: on or off. When the thermostat registers a need for heat, the furnace turns on at full capacity. It will stay like that until the thermostat reaches the right temperature and then it shuts off again. As both an affordable option and ranging in 80% efficiency, these are common and popular choices.

Two-stage furnaces

As its name suggests, these furnaces can operate under two different settings, depending on what your home needs. The burners can be programmed for two different capacities and will turn on at those settings as needed. This can mean running your furnace at 100% and/or 50% or 40%, depending on what you choose. These furnaces also run much quieter and can generate more heat during their heating cycle. As well, since two-stage furnaces run more often, it helps with providing better air quality. They are more expensive than single-stage furnaces, but their price is balanced by their quality.

Modulating furnaces

These kinds of furnaces are one of the most efficient options and offer the highest performance quality. Modulating furnaces can maintain a steady and constant temperature by running continuously at very low settings. The thermostat reads the temperature in the room and will slightly adjust temperatures as often as needed. Modulating furnaces run at 98% efficiency and also offer very high air quality since air is constantly flowing through it. Unlike the other furnaces though, these are the most expensive option since they are the most efficient style.

Which furnace is right for your home?

Choosing the right furnace replacement in Edmonton is a matter of investing both into the furnace and your home. If you plan on living in your home for many more years, then modulating furnaces are a good investment. You will be able to benefit from its precision temperature control for many years to come, which is a payback in value as well. Plus, a well-cared-for furnace will last 15+ years, making it a selling point if you ever sell. Check out some tips on how to care for your maintenance and give it a long life.

If budget is a factor or if you are planning to sell, then go for either a two-stage or single-stage furnaces. These are both budget-friendly options and both are still investments for your home. They are practical options if all you want from a furnace is to have one that heats each room as needed. Plus, either furnace will benefit the resale value, simply by being a new furnace.

Looking for a furnace replacement in Edmonton? Contact Night “n” Day Home Services today!

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