Benefits of a garage dual catch basin

You want to keep your garage clean. The problem is, standing water in your garage can create mess and muck. It’s also more than just an annoyance. Over time, your garage can develop real problems when it can’t handle the excess water that builds up.

In this article, Replace-It Concrete in Edmonton, discusses how catch basins in your garage can eliminate damage and other issues. And how dual catch basins can keep your garage and your home’s exterior looking fresh and clean.

How standing water damages your garage

Water from rain and snow that drips from your car and collects in your garage can cause several problems. First, standing water that builds up in your garage over the winter collects along the weather stripping of your garage doors. Over time, this trapped water will cause your garage’s concrete floors to deteriorate. The result will be very unsightly, to say the least.

On top of this, standing water inside your garage in the winter can also turn to ice. Not only does this create a hazard, but this can also freeze your garage door. In turn, this will cause stress on your garage door’s motor and damage the garage door’s weather stripping.

Standing water will also rust your garage door tracks and metal finishing and leave stains that will make their way down your driveway. This is terrible news for your home’s exterior, as it will significantly impact its aesthetic and diminish curb appeal.

It’s important to note that standing water in the garage is a problem in both older and new homes. Any garage with an insufficient slope or little to no drainage will suffer from standing water damage.

Save your garage with a dual catch basin. 

An experienced contractor can install catch basins in your garage, so you won’t have to worry about water damage here. In a garage, when two catch basins are installed symmetrically, this is called a dual catch basin. This symmetrical, dual basin installation makes the results both pleasing to the eye and highly functional.

Your contractors will install catch basins where tires typically won’t drive over the catch basin lids. From there, these basins will collect the water that runs off your vehicles daily. This protects your garage’s concrete floors. In addition, these dual catch basins will also prevent ice build-up. Squeegeeing and sweeping water and slush out of your garage and onto your driveway will be a thing of the past!

Furthermore, this low-maintenance solution will save your home from damage. It will also protect you and your family from ice build-up in the winter. And last but certainly not least, it will relieve you of hefty garage cleanups.

Additional benefits of a dual catch basin

Replace-It Concrete offers a dual catch basin package to its clients. They also have a wealth of knowledge and experience installing garage catch basins. During the installation process, they will remove your garage floor’s concrete. This will also allow them to address other issues. For example, expansion board problems. The expansion board between your garage pad and driveway typically heaves up and down in winter. If there is no expansion board, the driveway will chip away and damage the edge of your garage slab concrete. When Replace-It Concrete installs a garage dual catch basin, they can also address these repairs.

Once installation and repairs are complete, this area will become the strongest part of your garage pad. Additionally, if you consider installing epoxy coating in the future, this will also make the surface of the concrete much better for the epoxy to adhere to.

Replace-It Concrete installs dual catch basins

Check out this image gallery to see Replace-It Concrete install a dual catch basin for a recent client. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Concrete Contractors in Edmonton

Replace-It Concrete offers concrete installation and repair services in the Edmonton area, including St. Albert and Sherwood Park. Rick Cappellani, the company’s founder, has a passion for new and restorative construction and brings this passion, along with many years of experience, to all Replace-It Concrete’s residential projects. On top of dual catch basin installation, some of the services Replace-It Concrete offers include sidewalk and curb installation, driveway installation and repair and more!

Reach out to Replace-It Concrete today to discuss their dual catch basin packages!

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