Benefits of Installing a Residential Chain link Fence

Some might think chain link fences are only for commercial and industrial use. However, there are benefits to installing a chain link fence on residential properties as well.

In this article, Canadian Fence Contracting Ltd. in Edmonton shares more on the advantages of choosing a chain link fence for your residential property.

Excellent value

These days, we’re all looking for ways to save money. If you need a new fence or own property without fencing, a chain link fence offers excellent value. In fact, it may surprise you just how far you can stretch your dollar when you decide to install a chain link fence around your yard. If you back onto green space and want an affordable fence that won’t obstruct the view, this is another reason a chain link fence is a great option.


A chain link fence can stand up against even the harshest Canadian winters. Unlike wood, it is resistant to rot, insects, moisture and discolouration. Furthermore, when you install a chain link fence, you won’t have to worry about painting or staining it. This type of fence has longevity and is virtually maintenance-free!

Style options

You might not think it at first, but a contractor can install a chain link fence in a variety of styles and colour options. For example, they can install both an open-concept chain link fence or a more private style using slats. Vinyl slats come in a range of colours to choose from. A fence contractor should also be able to install a door for your dog or for you to use as a backyard entrance or exit.

Canadian Fence Contracting Ltd. offers galvanized chain link fencing options. In addition, they can provide full colour black and white chain link fencing. If you’re considering a chain link fence, reach out to them to discuss style options!

Fencing Contractors in Edmonton

Canadian Fence Contracting Ltd. specializes in chain link fences for residential, industrial and commercial use. On top of this, they install a wide variety of other fences using different materials. These include vinyl and timber. In addition, Canadian Fence Contracting Ltd. installs ornamental fencing for semi-private properties as well as farm fencing and decking. Last but certainly not least, this company offers automated gate installation services for both residential and commercial use.

Call Canadian Fence Contracting Ltd. today to discuss your fencing needs!

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