Benefits of a sunroom for expanding indoor living space

If you need a new bedroom or bathroom, then a home addition is the right solution. However, if extra square footage is what you want, then why not install a sunroom instead? You get all the value, space, and design, but with some unique benefits instead.

Spruce Bay Construction and Renovations in Vancouver is a professional contracting company. They share the benefits of adding a new sunroom to expand your home’s living space:

What is a sunroom?

As its name suggests, a sunroom is a room with all-around natural lighting, outdoor access, and can be insulated for winter. Three season sunrooms, for example, are not insulated, so winter use isn’t available. Year-round sunrooms are compatible with heating and cooling, much like any other room in your home. As for construction, a sunroom is built on floating concrete slabs, much like a garage. Sunrooms are also built with custom designs or bought as a prefabricated kit. In comparison, a new addition is built on a poured foundation, is made with wood and drywall and has hanging windows and doors.  

Sunroom design has improved

The main benefits of sunrooms nowadays are the advancements in their design and available features. Before, sunrooms were not compatible with electricity or heating, but that has since changed. Full HVAC and electrical access are now available in a sunroom. That means you can still get all the space of a new addition and the same benefits that other rooms in your home have. With a sunroom, though, you get that outdoor access, view, and plenty of healthy sunlight. It can also be used in any way, whether a living room, home office, entertainment space, breakfast nook, and more. You can design and customize a sunroom to perfectly suit your home.

More cost-effective than other major home additions

A full room addition is a big project with a major investment cost to consider. While a sunroom provides supplemental space, it still increases your home square footage and can be used in many ways. The overall cost can be less than other home additions that expand your home’s footprint. It is still best left to a professional, such as a general contractor, to ensure the sunroom is installed with top-quality care and skill. Timewise as well, a general contractor can handle the work and keep your project running on schedule. If you are building a custom sunroom, your contractor can offer their professional design advice and ideas.

General Contractors in Vancouver

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