Benefits of booking your roof maintenance in time for spring

Winter is one of those seasons that tends to take its toll on your roof. With heavy snowfalls, fluctuating temperatures and weather, your roof takes on a lot during winter. Booking a roof inspection in time for spring will let you catch any damage or necessary repairs early on. That way, if you need a roof replacement or repair, it’ll be finished early and ready for another full year.

JJ’s Roofing in Edmonton are a professional roofing repairs company. They share some additional benefits of booking any roof maintenance for the springtime:

The temperature and weather is right

Cold weather, snow and icy roofs are all risk factors that roof installers will have to deal with in winter. The installation process may take longer and at the wrong temperature, shingles can crack or break. So if the temperature is too cold, you’ll have to wait for a warmer day. Spring, on the other hand, has the perfect mild weather and warm temperatures for roof maintenance. If you need any repairs done, it’ll be easier to find what is wrong and fix the issue quickly. For a full roof replacement, roof installers will be able to work quicker and safer. You’ll get guaranteed quality and speed, and benefit from a new roof for the rest of the year.

Boost your energy savings

Getting a new roof in the spring means you’ll be able to reap on lesser cooling costs come the summer months. The right new shingles can help absorb and transfer less heat to your home or improve your attic ventilation. Since your roof plays a key role in your attic’s airflow, getting it checked now is a perfect time. Down the road, come winter again, proper attic ventilation will also help prevent ice damming and potential damage. Check out these energy-efficient roofing options for your home.

Seasonal maintenance extends roofing lifespans

Seasonal maintenance is typically done in preparation for winter or as a post-winter checkup. In either case, getting a seasonal check will help extend the lifespan of your roof. Cleaning out gutters will help avoid any water building up and possibly getting in your home and causing damage. Catching leaks or ice damage in the spring will help avoid costly repairs down the road if you didn’t know earlier. Other maintenance can mean nailing down loose shingles or replacing damaged ones to avoid needing to replace the entire roof.

Preventative maintenance always pays off

Even if nothing comes up as needing repairs, preventative maintenance is always worth the investment. You’ll get peace of mind and security knowing that your roof is safe and secure and won’t suddenly spring a leak. Basic maintenance like checking shingles or cleaning gutters prevents the possibility of trouble arising. Plus, when you invest in your roof, you are investing in your home. If this is the year you decide to sell, you can rest assured that your roof has already passed an inspection check!

Roofers in Edmonton

JJ’s Roofing offers full roof services including repairs, re-roofing, installing soffits and more. They pride themselves not only in guaranteeing quality work but in guaranteeing it’ll last for years to come. At JJ’s Roofing, their goal is to see their customers happy and secure with their roofs.

Contact them today for a no-obligation quote for your roofing needs!

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