Benefits of Building a Passive Home

If energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint is a priority for you, consider building a passive home. Grande Pacific Homes in Vancouver specializes in building passive homes. Here are the benefits that come with building and living in a passive home. 

What is a passive home?

A passive home is a home that runs on minimal energy and is energy efficient. These homes benefit the environment by leaving a smaller carbon footprint. They use alternative energy sources and different insulation processes, energy-efficient windows, lighting, and appliances. A passive home makes modern home living as eco-friendly as possible. A passive home comes with many ecological benefits that will benefit you and your family. 

A comfortable, healthy environment

Because of their low energy use and high thermal performance, you’ll find optimized home comfort with a passive home. Another bonus of thick insulation is soundproofing. That means good noise reduction between rooms or noises that come from outside. The temperature will be properly regulated year-round, as hot or cold spots are eliminated.

The home also comes with a ventilation system that will carry air around your home in a quiet, effective manner. The ventilation system will remove 95 % of pollutants and pollens, improving air quality indoors. This is especially beneficial for people with asthma and allergies. Keep the air in your home clean, and the temperature well-regulated in a passive home. 

Saving energy saves money in the longterm

Passive homes use less energy, but you will not be lacking. For instance, a passive home uses up to 90% less energy than a regular home uses to regulate temperature. In many cases, alternative cleaner energy sources are used for heating, cooling, lighting, and mechanical systems. This means you can easily save money on energy bills.

Building a passive home will cost about the same as building a code-compliant home, but with long-term energy savings. The first place to start is to connect with the design team at Grande Pacific Homes. They can help you determine a budget, and give professional advice on how you can design a passive home that meets your needs and your budget. 

A good resale value

Energy efficiency and sustainability are things that appeal to future home buyers. Everyone wants to save money on their utility bills. Plus, more people are concerned about reducing their impact on the environment. The new technologies offered in passive homes, such as types of insulation, windows, and lighting will attract the attention of buyers, and keep your options open if you decide to sell. 

Home Builders in Vancouver

The contractors at Grande Pacific Homes are the home builders you want for your next project. From beginning to end, their team will be by your side. They’ll support you through the exciting journey of home building or home renovation. Their team guarantees that all of their work is certified and insured, keeping your best interest at heart. 

For more information, visit Grande Pacific Homes today!

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