Benefits of choosing acrylic stucco for your home

When it comes to choosing siding for your home, you won’t go wrong choosing stucco. It’s a long-lasting and beautiful choice, with high energy-efficiency. The only real choice you have to make is whether to choose traditional or acrylic stucco. Both are just as beneficial, but the added perks of acrylic are quickly making it a popular choice.

Moreno Stucco and Wire Ltd. in Edmonton specialize in all styles and types of stucco. They share the benefits that choosing acrylic stucco will provide for your home:

What is acrylic stucco?

Stucco is a combination of cement, sand, lime, and water. It’s a popular choice among homeowners for being both fire resistant and providing high energy-efficiency. Acrylic stucco, however, is an alternative to traditional stucco. It is made up of acrylic resin, polymers, and sand, meaning it is made synthetically as opposed to a natural mix. Still, acrylic is just as durable, long-lasting and low maintenance as traditional stucco. Plus, it offers some natural benefits thanks to its synthetic nature.

Acrylic is water-resistant and elastic

Traditional stucco tends to absorb water, though its porous nature also allows it to dry out slowly. The risk, however, is if the stucco becomes too saturated and cannot repel the water. If enough water seeps into the home, it can cause costly damage. Acrylic stucco, however, naturally repels water. It also retains its colour even when wet so that it won’t darken like traditional stucco.

As stucco expands or contracts with the weather, it risks developing hairline cracks on its surface. These cracks are easy to fix, but they also invite the risk of water seeping in and causing damage. Since acrylic stucco is naturally elastic and flexible, it isn’t likely to develop any hairline cracks. Most homeowners apply an acrylic finisher to their traditional stucco to add that same flexibility. With acrylic stucco, you naturally get that flexibility. You’ll never have to worry about cracks developing or reapplying a finisher and can instead enjoy your low-maintenance stucco for many years.

Customizable choice of colours

Texture-wise, acrylic is typically applied in a sand float finish, which adds an aesthetically delicate appearance. While acrylic is limited in available textures, it makes up for this with a much wider range of colour choices. Any shade or colour you want for your home will be compatible with acrylic stucco, including dark shades. Once applied, the colour will remain even and won’t darken when wet. Thanks to the wide range of colours, acrylic is a perfect siding to combine with other exterior finishes. Stone veneer, for example, works as a beautiful and complementary addition with a new acrylic stucco finish.

Hire the professionals to help

Since acrylic will “dry” as opposed to “cure” like stucco, it’s important to hire someone with the right skills. Acrylic also has to have the right temperature when applied, as it dries from the outside. A professional will know the right temperature and application method to ensure your acrylic stucco is applied right the first time. Despite acrylic stucco being a more expensive choice, it is a well worthwhile investment that guarantees a value boost for your home.

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Moreno Stucco & Wire have more than 15 years of experience with stucco repairs and applications. They guarantee your home will receive quality work and that you’ll get quality peace of mind. They offer stucco application, repairs, stone masonry, and more, to help with all your needs.

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