Benefits of Concrete Countertops

When you think of concrete around your house you typically think of your concrete driveway, walkway or patio. Using concrete as a building material inside the home is a new and popular interior design trend. Concrete is incredibly versatile, not to mention durable, and has found its way into many home’s interior design features including the kitchen and bathroom.

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Concrete countertops are becoming increasingly popular. Not only will they give your kitchen or bathroom a stylish new look they are also nearly indestructible. There’s a reason interior designers are often suggesting this countertop surface for new home design. Here are the benefits of concrete countertops:

Concrete countertops are durable and long-lasting.

Concrete is a strong building material and if sealed properly, your concrete countertops will be water, stain and heat resistant. Since concrete is not a static material, its appearance will actually improve over time, evolving and acquiring character as the years go by.

Design options are nearly endless with concrete countertops.

This countertop material is a completely customizable piece of functional art for your kitchen or bathroom. The colour options are endless and you can even choose different textures like veined, woodgrain, smooth, speckled and many others. You can also get really creative with unique embedded items like pebbles, recycled glass or seashells and even add embedded LED lighting strips right into your countertops. Companies that install concrete countertops in Edmonton can create custom edge forms to replicate any design, giving you limitless options for edge details. Concrete countertops are absolutely beautiful!

Concrete countertops can be any size and shape.

Have an idea for a funky shaped island in your kitchen? No problem! Concrete can be cast in any shape and practically any size you can imagine. For larger areas, the appearance of any seams will be imperceptible with the use of colour-matched fillers.

Include custom-made concrete furniture in your home’s interior design.

If you are looking for Concrete countertops in Edmonton please contact one of the accredited companies listed on They can custom build beautiful concrete furniture to go with your new interior design scheme. Each piece is custom built to your specifications and will be a completely one-of-a-kind addition to any room in your house. From kitchen tables to coffee tables, the possibilities are endless.


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