Benefits of getting a new paint job, inside and out

Not every home renovation has to be a massive project. Some renovations are major, ‘change the layout and take out that wall’, type of undertakings. But others can be smaller scale renovations, such as painting, that still leave your home looking just as transformed.

A new layer or colour of paint can go a long way to transform and update the look and feel of your home. If you love the layout, but still want a new look, consider painting!

Total Surface Pros in Edmonton is a professional painting company with over 10 years of painting experience. They share some of the many benefits that a little paint can add to your home’s interior and exterior:

Exterior paint job

Even if you aren’t painting to sell, the curb appeal of your home is just as important to have for yourself, as for any buyers. When you come home from work, you want to love the look of the outside, just as much as the inside. The right colour can set the tone or look of your house or even change the appearance completely. Whether that means going for a classic or modern look, a little paint can help with that.

In addition to visuals, new paint can help improve your home’s value, extend the lifespan of your siding and help protect against the elements. Paint can help seal and protect against moisture or insects and keep your siding looking new. Plus, with proactive care, you’ll notice any damage early on before it becomes bigger and costlier. Even small updates and repairs are investments that go a long way towards ensuring your house stays in tip-top shape and value.

Interior paint job 

An interior paint job is one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to remodel and update, all in one. It’s also a great way to finally deal with those nicks and scuffs from furniture and day-to-day living.

With a little creative design and colour palette choice, you can also get creative with creating different tones in rooms. If you want a cool feeling room, go for grey paint and light furniture. For a bedroom, maybe try something warmer like browns and off-whites to create a cozy environment. There’s a lot that can be done with pairing colour matches, so experiment away! Look at these guides to pairing colours and design for a little extra inspiration and ideas.

Leave it to the professionals

Painting is one of the most common DIY projects, but it can also be quite time-consuming. If you have big plans to paint more than just one wall in your home, it’s worthwhile to call a professional to do the painting instead. Not only will a professional save you time and stress, but you are guaranteed a perfect paint job.

Additionally, you can get a second opinion when it comes to choosing colours and matching designs. If you want to be bold and use a bright pink in a room, a professional will know what other colours to match to really make it work. Plus, if you want a design on the walls such as stripes or patterns, a professional can easily help with that. All you have to do is give the A-Okay and leave the work to a speedy pro!

Painters in Edmonton

With over 10 years of experience, Total Surface Pros guarantees that all their work is top quality. Their goal is to always provide customers with the best satisfaction and experience possible.  They offer both interior and exterior painting, as well as nursery painting. No matter if it’s a small paint job or a large one, they are the professionals to call.

Don’t hesitate to contact Total Surface Pros today for a free quote!

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