Benefits of getting an electrical audit during the winter

Winter is the time for staying indoors, keeping cozy and turning the heat up. With an energy-efficient home, you can rest assured that your home will stay warm and your bills low. But have you ever wondered how efficient your home is? Or if there is room for improvement?

Wally’s WW Electric are a professional electrical company with years of work and experience behind them. They offer electrical audits and share the benefits of getting one and getting it during winter:

You’ll prevent unknown energy loss

When you get an electrical audit, your electrician will assess your energy consumption. From this, they will be able to tell you what parts of the home can be improved to be more efficient. When you use more energy, it costs more money, so less energy used means more money saved. This is particularly useful during the winter when your energy use will be higher anyway. Doing it during a high demand time is more likely to reveal areas that can be improved on.

It prepares your home for the summer

The changes that you make to keep you comfortable during winter will also help when summer comes! Things such as making sure the heat stays in or your airflow is working, all help with the summer heat. It’ll keep the cool air in and your air clean and circulating, so your cooling bills don’t creep up. A winter electrical audit will help your home now and continue year-round.

Learn tips and tricks to lower energy

After an electrical audit, you will get a list of ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. The benefit of this, aside from the savings, is how customized it will be for your home’s specific needs. Instead of a general fix, you’ll be able to specifically target the areas that need improving. As well as improvements to invest in, there might be a few easy DIY tricks that you can do to save energy. Either way, the result will be higher energy-efficient savings!

Your resale value will go up

If you are planning to sell, then performing an audit now will help boost your home’s resale. An audit will let you know what needs to be fixed, which will improve your home’s value. Letting potential buyers know that a professional audit was done, lets them know the house is in top condition. They’ll know they are buying an investment, not a house that will cost them money after they move in.

Electricians in Edmonton

Wally’s WW Electric offers electrical repairs, installations, build-outs and more. They pride themselves in having a highly-skilled group of electricians to help provide the best possible service. Wally’s WW Electric guarantees quality and expertise, no matter the job. When you choose them, it’s a promise that your home is in the best hands!

Contact Wally’s WW Electric today and get an estimate for your home!

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