Benefits of patio covers and the best materials

Patio covers are the perfect solution to enjoying your deck year-round and no matter if there’s rain or shine. With so many different styles and materials to consider, you want to be fully informed to make the best decision. That way, you can enjoy years of value and visual appeal without regretting your choices.

Primetop Decks and Covers in Surrey are a professional deck and deck cover building company. They share some tips when it comes to the best patio cover designs and materials.

Material considerations

Primetop Decks and Covers offers a range of material options from Aluminum V-pan, glass, acrylic, and insulated panels. Depending on what you want from a deck cover, each material will offer a different benefit. Aluminum and insulated panels help reduce heat and provides great weather protection, making them ideal for outdoor relaxation or entertaining. Acrylic offers similar benefits, but it also allows an even distribution of light to trickle through. A glass deck cover will still protect against the elements, but it allows you to enjoy the sky whether it’s a sunny day or stargazing at night. All Primetop Decks and Covers materials are high-quality and long-lasting, so think about budget and visuals when choosing one.

Cooler home

One of the main perks of adding a deck cover is it benefits both your deck and your home. The cover blocks the sun and its heat, which keeps your deck feeling cooler. Since it’s shaded, the coolness will transfer to your home, so your AC unit doesn’t have to work as hard. You can keep the doorway to your deck open and enjoy that direct outdoor access and cool breeze. A shaded, cooler home will reduce the use of your air conditioner and potentially lower energy bills. 

Protect your deck 

If you have a painted deck or deck furniture, there’s always the risk of sunlight causing damage or fading over the years. With a deck cover, the damage from the sun is greatly reduced. You won’t have to pay extra to repeatedly re-stain and protect our deck or have to replace faded furniture. Just like the benefits of a cooler home, you’ll save more with less maintenance and repair costs over the years.

Add home value

A deck alone will add more value to your home, but a high-quality stylish deck will add even more. Investing in quality materials, a great design, and the addition of a patio cover will attract many potential buyers. They’ll love the same year-round deck enjoyment, savings, and extra space. A deck and patio cover are the type of investments that you can enjoy now and benefit from later. 

Deck Builders in Surrey and Deck Products in Surrey

Primetop Decks and Covers ensure quality at every step of a project from the materials, care, and experience they provide. They help build and design superior decks and covers that look great and add value. They’ll help from the start of the project from design and planning right through construction to ensure absolute satisfaction.

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