Benefits of planning your landscape design before spring

Just because it’s winter and spring still seems far off, doesn’t mean that you can’t start planning your landscape designs! Before you know it, spring will be here, and the gardening rush will begin. If you get your planning in early though, you can beat the rush and enjoy your finished project by summer!

Mohr’s Landscaping Services in Edmonton are a professional landscaping company with full landscape services. They share some of the benefits of early planning to help you get started:

You can book a professional early

Don’t let the winter lull fool you: once that snow starts melting landscape contractors are going to be in high demand. That’s why the earlier you book someone, the better your landscape will be. With more time to prepare and plan, you can work out the perfect designs without any rush or stress. If your landscaper has any alternate suggestions too, you can work those into the plan early. Plus, once it’s time to begin work, you’ll save all that planning time! Take a look at these backyard landscape ideas to help you kickstart those early creative ideas!

You can decide now if you want to expand or not

Considering what room you have to work with is important, but you can also choose now to add more. If you’ve decided that you want a bigger yard or more space for plants or pathways, now’s the time to know. If you work based on pictures without planning them to your yard, you’ll quickly run into trouble. But, if you get a head start on a new idea, you can use this time to get started. Pick a day when it’s warm enough to work outside, and start clearing what space you can. Or, take a walk around your yard and decide on the layout so you know what you need.

Are you adding garden-specific features?

Garden features can mean anything from water features, gazebos, fire pits, pathways or raised planters. With a landscape contractor, all of this is possible, but they will also need time. If you choose later to add a feature, it may delay the time of your project. Certain features may need digging or time to pour and set concrete. If you want to have a ready-to-enjoy yard for the summer months, decide on these now. It may also disrupt your gardening and plant plans if landscape contractors need room for equipment or space to walk without trampling seeds. Start with the manual work and installations, then focus on your plants and flowers!

You have time to plan and prepare your seasonal plants now

Some plants take longer to grow and bloom than others, while others will pop up at the first sign of sun. Instead of having plants growing at random, you can take the time to plan your foliage. Don’t just pick plants that will bloom in summer, find a range of varieties that will bloom from spring through summer. Take a walk through nurseries to start gathering ideas and picking favourites. Then, talk to your landscape contractor for ideas of where to plant everything. Knowing where everything will go and how it will look will save you lots of time. Plus, certain plants can be planted quite early so that they are ready for the first day of spring!

Landscapers in Edmonton

Mohr’s Landscaping is a locally owned and operated landscaping company. They pride themselves on turning your dream backyard into a real-world oasis. They will work with you at every step of the way to ensure you are absolutely satisfied with the results and details. No matter the size of your project, Mohr’s Landscaping are here to help!

Contact them today for a free quote on your landscaping project!

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