Benefits of Porous Pave for Your Home’s Exterior

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Do you want a complete backyard makeover or are you thinking about re-paving your walk ways, patio or driveway? Porous Pave is a revolutionary new paving product that is made from recycled tires, aggregate and a special single component urethane to ensure flexibility and durability. Mohr’s Landscaping Service in Edmonton shares the benefits of using Porus Pave for your next landscaping product:

It’s a highly porous surface.

One of the best features of Porous Pave is its highly porous structure. This allows large amounts of water to drain through it, minimizing the amount of water directed to storm drains and other drainage which lessens your costs.  Since the rainwater is evenly dispersed over the ground, the amount of erosion to your yard caused by channeling water is reduced. It also reduces flooding and makes it safer for walkways and parking areas.

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It’s flexible and slip resistant.

Porus Pave is very flexible so it is not susceptible to cracking like concrete and other paving surfaces. It’s rubber content allows the product to move if the sub-base moves, further preventing damage to the surface.

The high rubber content of Porus Pave provides good traction to your driveway, patios and walkways, even when wet. This will reduce accidents caused by slipping and falling.

It’s resistant to harsh Alberta winters.

Porus Pave is resistant to frost and freezing. Our harsh winters, combined with the constant freezing and thawing, can do a number on most traditional hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. The flexible nature of Porus Pave withstands cracking or heaving caused by freezing and thawing, ground movement and frost.

It has a quicker installation process.

Porus Pave can be installed quickly and efficiently and generally cures in 24 hours. This is a much faster cure time than similar engineered surfaces. Plus, no heavy equipment is needed so it is an ideal option to use in existing landscapes.

It’s durable and long-lasting.

Even though your Porus Pave surface will only be 2-inches thick, it can handle the weight of your car and truck traffic going up and down the driveway. You only need it to be 1.5-inches thick for patios, pathways or other foot traffic areas and just 1-inch to overlay existing concrete, asphalt, metal or wood surfaces.  This durable surface can stand up to your snow blower and is resistant to oil, salt water, UV rays and many other damaging fluids and materials.

It’s an eco-friendly paving option.

Porous pave is made from recycled tires and helps to keep thousands of tires from going into the landfill. It takes about 300 old tires to create 1,000 square feet of 2-inch porous pavement. The product will be mixed on site and can be applied with little or no damage to your existing landscape.

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Mohr’s Landscaping Service is a locally owned and operated full featured landscaping company in Edmonton. Their services range from minor residential projects right through to full scale commercial properties and they offer the Porus Pave product. Are you looking to enhance your outdoor space this spring? Learn more about landscaping ideas for a backyard makeover.

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