Benefits of professional electrostatic disinfection cleaning

Electrostatic disinfection probably isn’t the first thought that comes to mind when preparing to clean your home or business. Even so, it is one of the best methods to use when it comes to preventing bacteria or viruses from spreading. Plus, when done by a professional cleaning service, it will guarantee the long-term safety of your business, home, and family.

Calgary Trusted Cleaners in Calgary are a professional and quality-dedicated cleaning company. They share some of the health and safety benefits of hiring their professional cleaners for an electrostatic disinfection spraying service:

What is electrostatic disinfection?

Managing high-touch traffic areas, whether in your own home or business, can be a challenging task. Areas such as light switches or door handles are hotspots for bacteria or viruses to quickly buildup and spread. Even a thorough cleaning may take hours, and even then, covering all possible surfaces is still a challenge. Electrostatic disinfection, though, provides a quick and effective cleaning method.

An electrostatic sprayer is a special tool that stores an electrode inside, which then positively charges the disinfectant. As it is released, the spray receives the positive charge to allow it to coat and easily wrap around any surfaces or objects. Because most surfaces have a negative charge, the positive particles in the mist will naturally attract each other. This also means that every surface is covered, including undersides, hard to reach areas, and small openings.

What are its main benefits over other methods?

Three key benefits of electrostatic disinfection are that it is faster, safer, and won’t risk cross-contamination. Using traditional cleaning methods can be both time consuming and less thorough. An electrostatic spray, however, covers roughly 15-18,000 sq. ft2 per hour and will catch all surfaces.

Cross-contamination is another problem of traditional cleaning, especially when using cleaning cloths. Given the application method of the electrostatic spray and the nature of mist, it is a hands-off application, meaning the risk isn’t just reduced, it’s eliminated.

Despite being aggressive as a disinfectant, it is entirely safe for children and pets. Plus, the spray is eco-friendly, so there is no risk of harmful chemicals. So, if you’re looking for a way to really clean your home, electrostatic disinfectant will jumpstart that spring cleanse.

Benefits for your business or home

The speed of application and detailed coating naturally make this application perfect for businesses and commercial buildings. Shared, high-touch areas introduce the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses such as colds, the flu or even COVID-19. Not only does this method eliminate the risk of spreading illnesses, but it will also help with allergies or asthma. By removing germs, bacteria and viruses, it helps clean the air, making it easier to breathe. Check out these other ways that you can do, to help stop the spread of any viruses or bacteria. 

When you work with a company such as Calgary Trusted Cleaners, you get certified services. Not only does that mean high-quality cleaning, it ensures the skills and knowledge for an electrostatic disinfection spraying service. Invest in quality service for an investment in the quality of your health, both now and long-term.

House Cleaning in Calgary and Commercial Cleaning in Calgary

Calgary Trusted Cleaners dedicate themselves to providing high-quality cleaning and peace of mind for their customers. They use eco-friendly products, and the latest technology to ensure a thorough and safe clean. Whether residential, commercial or for a specialty service, they have everything you need. For peace of mind and a clean home or business, call Calgary Trusted Cleaners.

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