Benefits of Professional Window Installation

Replacing windows, at a glance, is an intermediately difficult home-improvement project. Whether you’re upgrading existing windows or adding new windows to a wall, you might find yourself weighing the pros and cons of different installation options.

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Some DIY (do-it-yourself) enthusiasts may suggest that you spend the weekend doing the window installation on your own to save money upfront, but there are more than just financial risks to consider when taking on a project of this size.


Most people have neither the correct tools nor the expertise needed to install a window themselves. Besides, it’s never a good feeling to bite off more than you can chew (especially when it comes to home improvement). That’s why it might be a good idea to contact window companies in Edmonton.


Let’s take a look at a few of the ways putting down the tool-belt and picking up the phone could save you thousands of dollars in the long-run.


One of the first things to consider when adding new windows to your home is the weather in your area. One rainy day could ruin an entire bedroom if the sealing around a window is faulty. The installation might seem fine initially, only to result in weather-related damages months down the road. If a skylight isn’t properly installed, it could collapse underneath its own weight at the first sign of stress. And these are just the beginning of the potential damages…


If a leak finds its way into your walls, you could be faced with dry-rot or mold issues as well. Property losses aside, structural damages can cost well over $1000 to repair, alone.



A properly installed window will make your home more efficient in insulating heat, meaning that your house will be warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and less expensive the maintain, overall. However, an incorrectly installed window means exactly the opposite (i.e. drafty winters and boiling summers, both with increased electric bills).


If locks are installed incorrectly, the entire house will be at an increased risk for home intrusion. Remember, a home is only as secure as its weakest point of entry. When it comes to safety concerns like this, it’s best left to the professionals to make sure you don’t leave it to chance.

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In any of these scenarios, the homeowner could potentially be held liable by insurance companies to cover the damages themselves due to faulty installation. This means that not only will you have to pay to have the window fixed (again), but you’ll also be on your own for replacing any property damaged as a result of the bad installation.


Sounds like a lot of up-front risk just to save a few bucks, doesn’t it? Hiring a professional construction team doesn’t seem nearly as daunting when faced with the potential costs of replacing a room’s worth of belongings.


Let’s recap the reasons why contracting a professional for home window installation is the best choice when upgrading your home:


  • Imperfect seals aren’t always immediately obvious, and could cost you thousands of dollars down the road in both structural damage and in loss of property if bad weather emerges.


  • If you live in an area with harsh weather patterns, a bad DIY installation might leave you without control of your home’s temperature (bad window sealing could allow drafts to pass through, or cold air to escape).


  • A bad window-installation could leave your home insecure from intruders. If your window’s locks can’t be trusted, you might as well not have a deadbolt on your front door, either.


  • A professional team not only has a much higher chance of correctly installing your window than any amateur, but they also carry warranties to protect their customers from accidents. This way, you’re financially covered if damage does


Some jobs are better left to window companies in Edmonton, and for good reason. The upfront cost of having a window installed by contractors is more than reasonable when compared to the potential (and very realistic) costs of repairing a faulty installation later. Remember, if you do it right the first time, you won’t need to do it again!


This article was written by Nina Wells from Steam and Shower UK. She has over 10 years’ experience in writing health related topics and specializes in the health benefits of saunas and hydrotherapy.

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