Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance

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In Alberta, we depend on our furnace to keep our homes warm and comfortable. If your furnace quits in the middle of a cold, dark winter’s night you’re going to be in trouble. Making sure your heating system is running properly and at peak efficiency will ensure your family is safe, your home is kept warm this winter and even help prevent costly repairs.

Horizon Heating in Calgary shares why regular furnace maintenance is important:

Save energy and reduce your energy bills.

Having a professional heating and air conditioning company inspect your heating system once a year will ensure it is running at peak performance. They will be able to identify any issues that might be causing your furnace to work harder than it should be. If your furnace is using less natural gas and energy to heat your home, then you will see a reduction in your monthly utility bills.

Take care of small fixes before they become big problems.

During a furnace inspection, an HVAC technician will check things like the thermostat and safety controls, examine the gas pilot safety system, fan and blower, burners, gas piping to the furnace and other components of your heating system that could compromise performance or safety. Once the comprehensive inspection is complete, they will recommend and carry out any repairs that might be required. Learn how to replace a furnace filter.

Keep your home and family safe.

Using natural gas to heat our homes is not entirely without risk. If something is wrong with your furnace, it could leak carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is incredibly dangerous, can cause symptoms like headaches, nausea, dizziness and even death. Since it is tasteless and odorless, a carbon monoxide leak is almost impossible to detect. Having your furnace serviced regularly will make sure your heating system isn’t leaking any carbon monoxide. You should also make sure that you have a carbon monoxide detector in the house.

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