Benefits of retrofitting your HVAC system

Maintaining and servicing your HVAC system can help prolong its life, but eventually, an older system will need replacing. If a complete replacement isn’t in the budget, HVAC retrofitting can be an excellent alternative. 

Hot to Cold Mechanical in Edmonton is a professional HVAC company that offers heating, cooling, gasfitting, and plumbing services. They share some of the benefits of retrofitting your old HVAC system.

What is retrofitting?

Retrofitting adds new technology to an old system to give it a new life at a cost-effective solution. It can also improve energy efficiency, like a home energy retrofit. For example, you can replace the furnace and retrofit the ductwork to ensure it’s working correctly. In an older or historic home, an HVAC retrofit can save the structure and historical value of the house. A retrofit is not DIY friendly and should always be left to a professional. That guarantees both the safety of the work and the benefits that come with a retrofit.

Improves air quality and energy efficiency

An old system isn’t in the best shape, which means the air quality and efficiency are also not top-notch. Poor air quality can make allergies flare up, worsen asthma, or lead to serious health issues. Retrofitting the system is the best way to clear the air and boost your savings. A professional can help you choose the right parts to cut down power usage and improve climate control.

Reduce maintenance costs

Another cost savings benefit is the reduced amount and cost of regular maintenance. Maintenance is essential, but the amount and cost needed can go up over the years. With a retrofitted system, those maintenance and repair costs will drastically drop. Once the system is retrofitted, talk with your contractor about basic upkeep you can do, like changing the filters to keep it in top shape.

Flexible design

The needs and designs of an old home have likely changed over the years, especially if you have a growing family. With a retrofitted system, you get much more flexibility about the design and use of the system. To get the most out of that flexible design, think about your wants and goals for the retrofit. Do you want more savings, more control, something quieter or better suited to growing needs? Once you have the direction, your retrofit will add that new comfort through the latest technology. 

HVAC Companies in Edmonton

Hot to Cold Mechanical always offer honesty, integrity, and quality in their services and customer care. They ensure their customers get the best possible service and care through that. Whether you need furnace repair, installations, plumbing or HVAC servicing, their team can help.

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