Benefits of Virtual Tours for Real Estate Listings

An experienced realtor knows that online listings that accurately show a property will result in more viewings by more qualified potential buyers. Making sure the home is properly staged and photographed by a professional can go a long way, but a 360-degree panoramic virtual tour of the property from 3D Scan Experts will present it to online home-buyers like never before.


Potential customers can view the property, inside and out, much more accurately through a virtual tour than through traditional photography. Real estate virtual tours are easily shareable via email, social media and even via text message, increasing the overall exposure for the listing. They are far more interesting than still-photographs and will hold the attention of viewers longer. In fact, 3D Scan Experts has found that their virtual tours are viewed for over 4 full minutes. That is a long time to hold an online viewer’s attention. If they like what they like what they see, they will book a viewing.

Virtual tours are also advantageous for attracting out-of-town buyers. Buyers won’t usually drive an hour to view a property if the listing has poor photos or incomplete information.

“Our virtual tours have been used to sell properties to buyers from the US, abroad and all over Alberta,” shared Jesse Tutt of 3D Scan Experts. “73 percent of viewers looking at recent listings in Edmonton were from out of the city.”

How Virtual Tours Are Created

Every angle of the home will have three photos taken at three difference exposures. Depending on the size of the property, this could add up to 5000 photos total. 3D Scan Experts gathers an abundance of data, allowing them to create accurate floor plans, extract HDR photographs and put them all together to create a virtual tour. These tours are as close to an actual in-person tour a viewer can get.

“It takes about one and a half to two hours to photograph a standard 2,000-foot home,” said Tutt. “We will set up an appointment to shoot the photos. 3D Scan Experts will also create a floor plan to go along with the virtual tour as well as 20 or more additional photographs. We will also market your property online and on social media within 2 business days of the shoot.”

Everything You Need to Market Your Property

Make your listing stand out with a 3D virtual tour and extend your marketing to more remote buyers by offering a digital showing. 3D Scan Experts’ virtual tours include everything you need to market your property including the 3D tour, 20+ HDR photographs, a floor plan, landing page to share using MLS, your website, Kijiji, email or social media and additional online marketing through 3D Scan Experts’ social media channels.

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