Benefits of waterproofing your deck and different coatings

Waterproofing your deck is an important and key step to ensuring that your deck has a long life. It will protect your deck is to protect it from water deterioration. That’s why it’s important not only to get waterproofing but to also know the different types of coatings.

Chephren Building Solutions Inc. in Edmonton offers high-quality deck waterproofing for decks, balconies and flat roofs. They share the benefits and types of deck coatings:

Benefits of deck waterproofing 

The most obvious protection will be against constant water damage. Water from both weather or even spills can over time result in expensive repairs and damages. With wooden decks, in particular, constant exposure to water can result in mould and erosion. Waterproofing will protect your deck. This will result in fewer repairs, less damage from UV and a longer lifespan.

Flexstone coatings, in particular, are a polyurethane-based cold liquid coating. It is environmentally friendly, has low VOC, long-lasting, seamless and provides many other benefits. It also comes in different designs for both an aesthetic and visual appeal boost. 

Finish coats: standard colour 

The surfacing is applied in a two-step process. First, the base coat cures to create a flexible and rubbery finish to the deck. This helps the deck withstand extreme heat, cold and flexing for a long lifespan. A topcoat, or finish coat, goes over the base coat for added appeal. It also adds UV protection and added resilience for any heavy foot traffic.

The standard colour coat finish is simply rolled over the base coat in a basic colour. These include sidewalk grey, rocky grey, Monterey sand or ash brown. The colour of your home’s exterior should be taken into consideration when picking a colour for your deck. You want something isn’t going to clash, but likewise isn’t too similar. Use colour wheels to pair ideas or draw inspiration from the landscape. Do you have more greens and earthy tones? Or more greys and muted colours? Check out this colour pairing guide to help you make the right match!

Finish coats: textured stone 

A textured stone finish has a few extra layers to achieve its look, but the finish is well worth-while. Similar to choosing a standard colour, you can choose between brown, grey or tan for a customized look. First, an aromatic topcoat is applied and then while still sticky acrylic flakes are added to the surface giving it coarseness. Finally, a one-part urethane layer is added for protection and a glossy finish. This is a great way to add a bit more elegance and design to your deck. This can easily boost the value of your home. Decks themselves add value but having a luxury deck that can withstand extreme weather, will add even more.

Deck Builders in Edmonton

Chephren Building Solutions are experts and are offering high-quality waterproofing solutions for your deck. Additionally, they also provide balcony and flat roof applications, so any need you have they can handle. They pride themselves in offering their customers the best service in order to ensure absolute satisfaction.

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