Benefits of working with a design-build general contractor

When you undergo a renovation, there are usually a lot of additional people involved in the entire process. From the designer, the general contractor, and the subcontractors doing the work, everyone involved needs to be on the same page. It can all feel a bit hectic with ensuring proper communication between everyone.

With a design-build approach though, everyone works under the same contract and as one team. It’s a stress-free way to tackle renovations and one that is much more efficient.

Nu-Tech Contracting Ltd. in Calgary are a professional general contractor company specializing in renovations, including offering design-build methods. They share some of the benefits when it comes to a design-build approach:

What is design-build? 

Traditionally, renovation projects include three people: the owner, the designer, and the contractor. First, the homeowner works with a design to create a game-plan and layout for the project. Then, the general contractor steps in to establish the budget and price of the project and then begin working. This is known as design-bid-build. 

With a design-build relation though, all three people work together instead of separately. Typically, this means the general contractor is the point of contact for both the designer and the homeowner. By working collaboratively, instead of separately, it is much more beneficial all around.

Better teamwork and communication

With everyone working together from the start, it promotes better teamwork and communication. Rather than separately trying to decide plan designs and then bring it to your general contractor later, decisions are made together. This also helps avoid any clashes between design and construction, since any arising issues can be discussed immediately. This also means that plans will be finalized from the start, without risk of plans changing mid-construction.

Set budget 

It’s easy to let design dreams flow freely without considering the costs attached to it all. By working with a designer and general contractor, both the design and budget are established together. This helps lower the risk of re-design changes that may come up, along with costly expenses. By also incorporating the general contractor into the budget early, they can help with realistic pricing. It also means though, that you can create a splurge budget pre-emptively. That way, not only can you still spend a little more on certain extras, but the splurge budget is secure against unexpected expenses. If you need help deciding what to splurge on or not, here’s a list with suggestions for each. 

Time-efficient completion and savings 

With design-bid-build methods, renovations cannot begin until the design process is finished. If planning, design and working in the budget take longer, then the project will drag on. The design-build method, however, means that early work can begin even before the design is complete. The early work, such as setting up site work or the foundation, can begin before the design. That way, once the design is finalized the real work can continue without delay. Not only does this mean your renovation is finished sooner, but it saves expenses by having a shorter timeframe. 

General Contractors in Calgary

Nu-Tech Contracting Ltd. ensures that from start to finish, their customers receive only the best quality of service. They pride themselves in ensuring open communication at every step of the way so that there are no surprises. When you work with them, you are guaranteed stress-free and high-quality results every time.

Don’t hesitate to contact them for any questions or work!

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