Benefits to replacing your garage door and opener

Even if you already have a decent garage opener and garage door, there are advantages to upgrading. In this article, Mr. Garage Doors in Calgary shares a few of the (many) benefits of replacing your garage door and opener

Curb appeal

A new garage door can bring a whole new look to your home’s exterior. In part, this is because your garage door can take up a large portion of your home’s exterior design. Replacing your garage door with a new design that adds more character can significantly impact curb appeal. Also, garage door design, as well as function, have come a long way. Carriage-style garage doors are a popular choice for traditional homes. For a modern look, aluminum-and-glass doors offer a bold new style.

Mr. Garage Doors uses Amarr garage doors to replace old, outdated and even cracked garage doors. Amarr has been manufacturing garage doors since 1951, and they build their doors for durability as well as curb appeal.

Smooth operator

When you replace your garage door, you will also replace its opening mechanism. This brings many benefits on its own, including added security. Another benefit is a smooth, quiet garage opening experience. The last thing anyone wants is a garage door opener that sounds like it’s bringing down the house every time it opens or closes. If you have kids and come home after they’re in bed, this can be quite a disturbance. New openers are built with this in mind. Replace yours to enjoy seamless garage door opening and closing that won’t disturb your household.

Mr. Garage Doors is known for providing the best garage door replacement and repair. They are also known for their garage door system installations. Reach out today to discuss how they can help upgrade your garage door!

Excellent ROI

A garage door replacement might not be the first thing that comes to mind for great ROI. However, replacing your garage door offers an outstanding return. In fact, recent 2023 data from Remodelling shows that a garage door replacement provides an ROI that is more than the initial cost of replacement. This means a garage door replacement is an excellent choice if you’re looking for ways to renovate that bring in the highest return.

Garage Doors and Openers in Calgary

Mr. Garage Doors has been serving Western Canada for over 21 years. Through this time, they have grown to become a leader in the garage door industry in Calgary. They use a team of experienced technicians to provide garage door repair and replacement services to their customers. Their garage door technicians work with both residential and commercial garage doors. On top of providing installation and repair services, Mr. Garage Doors also provides maintenance services. They will work to improve your home’s curb appeal, security, and so much more.

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