5 Best Deck Builders in Calgary


Winters in Calgary are long. And so, it’s essential to make the most of the warm weather while it lasts. A great way to do this is with a deck. Decks encourage you to spend more time outside and make it easier to enjoy your yard. You can use your deck for cooking, dining, entertaining, relaxing, and spending time with friends and family.

Deck additions are also a fantastic investment—but only if they’re built well! For this reason, you shouldn’t attempt to DIY your deck. Instead, it’s a much better idea to hire one of the great deck builders in Calgary listed in this article.

Why a deck is an excellent addition to your property

Decks add functional outdoor living space

Decks extend the liveable space on your property. They serve as an additional space to host a wide range of activities. For example, you can turn your deck into the ideal location to entertain friends and family. After all, decks are a natural area for socializing, congregating, and mingling. This is especially true in the warmer months. All it needs is the right design and layout, which professional deck builders in Calgary can help you with. Outdoor furniture is the perfect way to create a welcoming and comfortable space. You can include some seating, a table, and even an outdoor kitchen to make outdoor dining convenient and accessible.

Even when you’re not entertaining, decks add functionality to your property. They provide a place to relax, get fresh air, and enjoy your yard. No matter how you like to spend your time, you can design your deck to be the perfect backdrop. This is because well-designed decks in Calgary are essentially outdoor living rooms. It’s where you can read, work out, relax, or have your morning coffee. Creating more functional space helps you get more from your property. It’s unlikely that you can add another room to your house, but you can always add a deck.

Decks are customizable

Decks are entirely customizable to your property and your lifestyle. Because decks can be built to host various activities, there really is a deck for everyone. Plus, many features can be added. For example, consider an outdoor bar or kitchen, grill, fireplace, pergola, covered area, furniture, lighting, hot tub, television, or sound system. The perfect deck for you allows you to do the things you enjoy.

Furthermore, the size, shape, material, and colour of decks are all customizable. No matter your personal tastes, deck builders in Calgary can design a deck that suits your style and matches the aesthetic of your home. Additionally, decks are built to fit your property. Their dimensions are entirely custom to your yard. Regardless of the amount of available space, custom decks help you make the most of it.

Decks increase your home’s value

Installing a deck is a great way to increase the value of your home. Professionally built, well-designed, and visually impressive decks make your home look more attractive to potential buyers. As we have already covered, decks increase the functional and liveable space on a property. They create more room to entertain and enjoy. This is a great selling point! For this reason, a deck is a fantastic investment. In fact, the return on investment for wood or composite decks is around 64% as of 2021.

Decks are low maintenance

Compared to other outdoor landscaping improvements, decks are incredibly low maintenance. Lawns must be mowed, gardens must be weeded, and trees must be pruned. On the other hand, decks require very little upkeep. All you have to do is occasionally sweep or wash.

If your deck is wooden, a good weatherproofing stain minimizes upkeep and extends longevity. Alternatively, vinyl decks do not require periodic staining, are impervious to pests, and are easy to clean. Professional deck builders in Calgary can help you pick the suitable material for your needs.

Finding the right deck builder in Calgary

Whenever you hire someone to work on your home, you want to know they’ll do a good job. It’s important that their workmanship is high-quality, service exceptional, and business properly licensed. Determining if a company meets your standards involves a lot of time and research. Fortunately, RenovationFind makes this process easier. RenovationFind Certified companies have passed stringent legal and financial background checks and have a proven track record of excellent service. In addition, these companies have been checked for valid business licenses, insurance, and WCB coverage.

A RenovationFind Certified company is a company you can trust. A third party constantly monitors these companies to ensure they continue to meet RenovationFind’s high standards. Every RenovationFind company has an online profile that displays our checklist. This makes it easy to confirm a company’s business practices before hiring them.

It’s crucial to do your research before hiring any contractors. This ensures that you work with the right people. Their expertise and customer service should make any construction or renovation project an enjoyable experience. When you use RenovationFind, finding trusted, reliable, and high-quality companies is easier.

The Best Deck Builders in Calgary

Here are the 5 best deck builders in Calgary, in no particular order.


1. Chephren Building Solutions Inc.

Website https://cbsalberta.com/
Phone (780) 399-4998
Email info@cbsalberta.com
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/chephren-building-solutions-inc-7198

Chephren Building Solutions specialize in high-quality waterproofing solutions for decks. Their vinyl decks utilize Duradek™ for superb low-maintenance waterproof protection. Additionally, Duradek™ decks come in a diverse range of colours to suit any homeowner. Chephren Building Solutions are also an authorized dealer and distributor for Flexstone. Flexstone is an environmentally friendly liquid coating system that provides exceptional waterproofing for decks in Calgary. In addition, CBS is experienced in designing and building decks made from various materials, including hardwood.

Key Services 

– Provide deck building services for residential and commercial clients
– Specialize in decks, railings, roofs, and general construction and renovations
– Professionally trained installers
– Waterproof their vinyl decks with a Flexstone coating
– Offer a wide range of materials, including Duradek™ Vinyl and Kayu Hardwood

Customer Feedback

If I could give 10 stars, I would. We had a bad experience with a unreliable contractor last summer with our deck. The project of resurfacing should have taken a few days, but it turned into 3 + months and was finished very poorly. I contacted Dean from Chephren Building Supplies last fall and he assured me that he would personally take care of it as he was an expert in the system that we had used. WOW!!!! He said he was a man of his word, and he most certainly is. He and his crew came to our rescue and within a few days our deck looks like it could be a model for Flexstone. A fantastic system when applied properly by reputable company. I cannot thank Dean, his best installer Brian and the rest of the crew enough. I highly recommend this company for any of your building needs.

– Janet Munro, Google

2. Blue Lake Contracting

Website https://www.bluelakecontracting.ca/
Phone (403) 253-5253
Email info@bluelakecontracting.ca
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/blue-lake-contracting-7646

Blue Lake Contracting is a full-service landscaping and home renovations company. Since 2001, they have provided Calgary and its surrounding areas with exceptional service and high-quality craftsmanship. They take clients from concept to design and construction to completion. Their services include landscaping, concrete, fences, decks, and more. Blue Lake Contracting carries premium materials, offering spruce, treated wood, cedar, composite, vinyl, and exotic hardwoods for decks. With more than 40 years of design and construction experience, they are one of the most experienced deck builders in Calgary.

Key Services 

– Provide deck building services for residential and commercial clients
– Full-service contracting company for exterior and interior renovations
– Professionally trained and licensed carpenters
– Offer a wide range of materials, including spruce, cedar, composite, vinyl and exotic hardwoods
– Financing options are available

Customer Feedback

Fab and the crew at Blue Lake did an amazing job on what was a large comprehensive renovation that included new siding and deck reconstruction. The process was collaborative and the workmanship was impeccable. Despite volatile market conditions and supply chain challenges, Fab was able to keep the entire project within budget without sacrificing quality and got the project completed in a timely manner. We are extremely happy with the outcome and would highly recommend Blue Lake.

– Jason J Myers, Google

3. R & R Landscapes Inc.

Website https://r-rlandscape.com/
Phone (587) 998-1719
Email administration@r-rlandscape.com
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/r-and-r-landscapes-inc-6670

R&R Landscapes provide landscape design and construction for commercial and residential clients. They offer the installation of walkways, retaining walls, fire pits, patios, and decks in Calgary. In the interest of durability and longevity, they build decks from cedar or fir. In addition, R&R Landscapes have a professional design team that works with you to create an outdoor space that suits your personal style. They assess your needs through a thorough consultation before construction begins! R&R Landscapes also offers other landscaping services such as maintenance, snow removal, fertilizer, and property management.

Key Services 

– Provide deck building services for residential and commercial clients
– Full-service landscaping company
– Professionally trained staff
– Design services
– Also provide property management for residential and commercial properties
– Offer a wide range of materials, including cedar and fir

Customer Feedback

Gary and his team have been amazing to work with! We had an idea about what we wanted the finished yard to look like and they made it even better and all within budget! Gary also communicated with us throughout the whole process and he texted back promptly every time we had a question or a new idea. He was super accommodating and very professional! We highly recommend them!!

– Maristella N, Facebook




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4. Highlander Construction Ltd.

Website http://www.highlanderconstruction.ca/
Phone (403) 991-7025
Email info@highlanderconstruction.ca
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/highlander-construction-ltd-5462

Highlander Construction is an expert in home renovations, kitchen and bathroom remodelling, landscaping, fencing, and deck building. Their projects are guaranteed under a 12-month warranty, which sets them apart from many other deck builders in Calgary. Highlander Construction works closely with its clients to make their renovation dreams come true. They do this with an initial in-depth consultation, expert advice, and transparent communication. Furthermore, their staff are highly trained to produce exceptional and high-quality craftsmanship.

Key Services 

– Provide deck building services for residential and commercial clients
– Specialize in decks, fences, and home renovations
– Professionally trained installers
– Offer a wide range of materials
– All projects come with a 12-month warranty

Customer Feedback

We had decided to finish our basement, being new to Calgary and not knowing any trustworthy Contractors we attended the Calgary Home Show and became a member of Renovation Find. After careful review of the Renovation Find website, we chose Highlander Construction. This was by far our best decision as Blair (the owner) was excellent to work with from start to finish. Blair is a true professional and his expertise in the construction of the basement was extremely valuable. His workmanship is exceptional. In my opinion, if you are looking to hire a reliable and qualified Contractor to finish your basement (meeting all building codes) or any renovations, I would strongly recommend Highlander Construction as your Contractor of choice.

– Mike H

5. JL Evolution Landscaping Ltd.

Website https://jlevolution.ca/
Phone (403) 969-5593
Email info@jlevolution.ca
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/jl-evolution-ltd-7643

JL Evolution Landscaping is a full-service landscaping company offering everything from landscape design to fire pits. In fact, they are master landscape designers who specialize in transforming yards into the perfect outdoor retreat. Their completely customizable design process ensures that you get the outdoor area of your dreams. In addition to pergola and fence installation, they are also accomplished deck builders. Calgary homeowners benefit from their design knowledge and years of construction experience.

Key Services 

– Provide deck building services for residential and commercial clients
– Full-service landscaping company including complete design services
– Professionally trained staff
– Offer a wide range of materials

Customer Feedback

One of the only contracting companies that truly cares about their customers. Jimmy was absolutely fantastic in dealing with our requests and left us 100% satisfied. Great prices and even better customer service. I’ll definitely be calling them again for our landscaping project this summer!

– Anonymous, HomeStars

Finding the right deck builder in Calgary for your project

The companies listed above are all RenovationFind Certified, which means they’re deck builders you can trust. However, getting multiple quotes for your project is still a wise idea. Receiving more than one estimate will give you an idea of competitive pricing. It will also allow you to connect and get to know a few contractors.

RenovationFind makes getting quotes from reliable and quality contractors easy and convenient with our Post a Project service. Head to our website, and fill out the Post a Project form with your project details. We will send your information to three of the best deck builders in Calgary. Those companies will get in touch with you for more information and to provide a detailed estimate. Take the time to review each quote carefully, ask lots of questions, and choose the company that best suits your needs and project.

Enjoy your new deck addition this summer!

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