The 6 Best Plumbers in Edmonton  


Best Plumbers in Edmonton


It’s an inevitable fact that as a homeowner, at some point, you will need the help of a professional plumber. It may be a minor clog that just keeps coming back or a major problem like a burst pipe. If you’re doing a renovation or building a new home, you’ll need a plumbing company on the team. Like any contractor you hire, the plumbing company you choose must be experienced, reputable, and trustworthy.

Having a trusted plumbing company readily on hand will help save a lot of stress and time when the time comes you need one. In some cases, it could be a plumbing emergency, and help is required immediately. Having a plumber that can handle a range of work, has years of experience, and proper certification is essential.

The Best Plumbers In Edmonton

With this helpful list of trusted Edmonton plumbing companies, listed in no specific order, the research is done for you. Plus, all the companies on this list are RenovationFind Certified. That means they’ve gone through stringent background checks on all their legal and financial history, and have proper insurance and business licensing. These companies are constantly monitored to ensure they’re keeping up to RenovationFind’s high standards.

From general plumbing repairs and installation to 24/7 emergency support, these companies are ready to help with whatever service you need.

1. Richfield Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

Richfield Plumbing & Heating Ltd

Richfield Plumbing & Heating is a family-owned and operated company with over 40 years of experience. Along with top-quality services, their plumbers Edmonton strive to exceed expectations every time. To them, their clients are like friends, and friends only deserve the best service and care. From that first phone call to the final clean-up at the end of a job, their services and support will guarantee quality and your peace of mind.

It doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner or property manager or have a big or small project; their professionals can always help. Once you choose their company, their Client Hub account makes it easy to follow up with any appointments, quotes, or request new services. They also offer a complimentary home inspection designed to keep your home and family safe and secure. If there are ways to improve your home and increase its value and efficiency with your mechanical systems, Richfield Plumbing & Heating will find a way.

What do they offer:

– Plumbing services

– Drain maintenance

– Water treatment

– Plumbing fixtures

– Water heaters

– Boilers

– Gas lines

– Furnaces 

Extra service benefits:

– Champion Club Membership (Private membership includes an additional 1-year warranty, discounts, ½ price service fees, service reminders, annual inspections, and more)

– Financial support (Finance-It offers customizable monthly or biweekly payments and open loans)

– Client Hub (makes it easier for existing clients to check quotes, appointments, invoices, and more)

– Lifetime warranty on all their work, 1-year warranty on supplied parts, manufacturer warranty assistance



Contact information: 587-409-4088;

Service area: Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Beaumont, Strathcona County, Stony Plain


2. Ritz Mechanical Services Ltd.

Ritz Mechanical Services Ltd

Ritz Mechanical has built its company around four key foundations. They are professional, trustworthy, upfront, and honest. Strong values such as these are what guarantee their reliability and the quality they provide. Their professional plumbers, gas fitters, and technicians are all highly trained, experienced, and trustworthy. You can rely on their quality work and thorough service.

In addition to basic plumbing service, they can help when it comes to outfitting a new or custom home renovation. When you move into that dream home, you don’t want to find plumbing troubles. There are no hidden fees or withheld information because you are a part of every process from start to finish. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, this is one of the best plumbing companies in Edmonton to trust with your home.

What do they offer:

– Plumbing (general, hot water tank, drain cleaning, installations, new housing)

– Water treatment

– Heating

– Gas fitting

Extra service benefits:

– Financial support (Finance-It offers payment plans and affordable in-housing financing)

– Ritz Club Membership (monthly payments, free yearly plumbing inspections, special deals, 2-year guarantee on repairs/replacements, top of the priority list)



Contact information: 780-439-4400;

Service area: Edmonton


3. Aqua Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

Aqua Plumbing & Heating Ltd

Aqua Plumbing & Heating is a company that knows how harsh Edmonton winter weather can be. That’s why they provide plumbing and heating systems that can withstand even the harshest and coldest winters without failing. They offer a full range of mechanical services, from installations and repairs to general service and maintenance support.

Aqua Plumbing & Heating also specializes in radiant heating. Their radiant heating systems are designed to improve your home, overall lifestyle, and provide savings on your utility bills. Not only will their professionals find systems that keep you safe and comfortable, but they’ll also ensure your system is running at peak efficiency. They can work on any system you may own, so you can always trust Aqua Plumbing & Heating to help.

 What do they offer:

– Plumbing services (installations, repairs)

– Heating services (installations, repairs)

– Radiant heating

– Gas line installation

– Hot water heater installation and replacement

Extra service benefits:

– Provide expert service on any plumbing or heating system

– Specialize in radiant heating (better savings, better efficiency)



Contact information: 780-452-7610;

Service area: Edmonton


4. Butler Plumbing Heating & Gasfitting Ltd.

Butler Plumbing Heating & Gasfitting Ltd

Butler Plumbing may have begun as a two-van business, but it has since grown into a respected, trusted, and certified company. Since starting in 2005, they have strived to guarantee high-quality service, customer care, and absolute satisfaction. Their professionals are constantly staying updated and trained in new industry standards and technology. That means that when they provide their services, you are getting the best possible products and skills available.

Their services cover every type of plumbing repair and installation, HVAC services, maintenance, and home renovations. They even offer 24-hour emergency boiler repairs, so you know who to call for immediate help if the worst case scenario happens. The team members at Butler Plumbing are Edmonton plumbers that are skilled, honest, and reliable. You can trust them for your plumbing, heating, and gasfitting needs.

What do they offer:

– Backflow prevention

– Boiler, furnace, water heater repair, and installation

– Drain cleaning and repair

– Gas fitting

– Emergency services

– Water treatment

– Sump pump repair

– Hydronic heating and radiant floor heating

– Plumbing renovations and repairs

– Basement plumbing renovations and installations 

Extra service benefits:

– Members of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Alberta and the Canadian Hydronics Council

– Registered contractors with the Energy Efficiency Alberta Program for tankless water heaters (enjoy lower energy bills and earn a rebate of upwards of $1000)

– Provide cost-saving advice and products like hydronic heating systems and hot water on demand

– 24-hour emergency boiler repair

– Competitive and honest pricing and quotes 



Contact information: +1 780-432-3947;

Service area: Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Leduc, Devon, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain




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5. FM Mechanical Inc.

FM Mechanical Inc

FM Mechanical has been saving plumbing and providing professional support for over 30+ years. Their trained and experienced professional plumbers can help with everything from HVAC services to plumbing and gas line installation and service. Their goal is to provide excellent work and customer satisfaction for every job, every time. To help ensure just that, they pay extra attention to even the smallest details and pair their services with affordable prices.

Whether you need plumbing advice or help to choose a new fixture or efficient new toilet, they have the knowledge to get the job done. With FM Mechanical, you never have to sacrifice quality for cost. They are one of the best Edmonton plumbing companies.

What do they offer:

– HVAC services

– Plumbing

– Sump pumps

– Gas lines

Extra service benefits:

– Affordable price ranges for every project and every budget

– 30+ years of experience, proven skill, and reliability




Contact information: 780-916-9090

Service area: Sturgeon Country


6. Star Mechanical Edm. Ltd.

Star Mechanical Edm. Ltd

At every opportunity, Star Mechanical strives to improve its safety, health precautions, and proactive care for its customers. They create safe and healthy work environments and guarantee that their work is always top-notch. They have over 20 years of experience and over 50 plumbers and gasfitters. Star Mechanical’ss professional plumbers in Edmonton can handle any project or problem you have.

Their services cover it all too, from plumbing, heating, and air conditioning to general repairs, maintenance, and installations. They also strive to keep their employees just as happy and safe, which means higher quality work as a result. With Star Mechanical to help, you’ll never have to worry about your plumbing. They’ll get the job done right the first time.

What do they offer:

– Heating (maintenance, installation)

– Furnaces

– Indoor air quality

– Air conditioning (installation, maintenance, repairs)

– Plumbing

– Gas line installation

– Water treatment

– Water heaters and boilers

– New construction and renovation plumbing

– Commercial maintenance and service

– Commercial tenant improvement  

Extra service benefits:

– All employees undergo rigorous customer service training

– Financial support (SNAP Financial Group offers fast, flexible, and easy ways to help pay for plumbing services)

– Certified with Certificate of Recognition program (verifies safety and health to national standards)

– 24/7 emergency service



Contact information: 780-481-8873

Service area: Edmonton

FAQs about Edmonton Plumbers

A. What does a plumber do?

A plumbing contractor handles the installation and repair of water, sewage and natural gas pipes throughout a home, as well as interior and exterior faucets and fixtures. Plumbing contractors are also trained to work with water mains, septic tanks, laundry appliances, water heaters, sump pumps and other plumbing services and pipe systems. Because plumbing repair services are done largely behind walls and beneath floors, some plumbing companies can also patch or replace tile, stonework and other surfaces. Although some Edmonton plumbers are generalists, others specialize in specific areas; a 24 hour emergency plumber will handle urgent residential repairs, while others may be more skilled in remodeling, natural gas lines, overhead sprinkler systems and more.

B. What are the most common plumbing problems?

The most common problems experienced by people at homes are blocked drains, leaking faucets or pipes, clogged toilets, low water pressure, and problems with their water heater. Each home or business will experience problems as they age, and regular preventive maintenance is key to ensuring that issues are resolved early.

The Cost Of Leaving Your Toilet Running

Whether you live with a large or small family, take a look at your water bill next time and see how much water you use. If the numbers are higher than usual or have steadily increased, don’t ignore those figures. The reality is there may be a leak in your home, and toilets are one of the biggest culprits.

Best Plumbers in Edmonton

Some minor plumbing jobs, like repairing a leaky faucet, can be done DIY. For major renovations, plumbing installations, repairs, drain cleaning, and gas-fitting, you should always rely on a professional company. They’ll ensure the necessary permits are obtained for new installations and retrofits. A professional will have the skills, knowledge, and ability to complete the installation or repair correctly. Because water damage can be so costly, it’s essential that your plumbing system is installed and repaired correctly.

With any of these trusted, skilled, and reliable plumbing companies, your home and plumbing system will be in good hands. For renovations, installations, repairs, maintenance, and emergency services – you can trust a RenovationFind Certified plumbing company.



RenovationFind Certified is a symbol of integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, maintenance.  It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, service, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

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