5 Best Roofing Companies in Vancouver

Your home’s roof plays an integral role in protecting your house from the weather, energy efficiency, and curb appeal. Age, wear, and damage can cause roof failure, resulting in water or moisture penetrating your home. If not dealt with quickly, a failing roof can cause extensive and expensive damage to other parts of your home. That is why taking care of your home’s roof is so important.

Can you DIY roofing?

Attempting a DIY roof installation or repair is not a great idea. For one thing, it can be a very dangerous job. Working at heights, on ladders, and with pneumatic tools can be hazardous without training, experience, and safety equipment. However, roofers in Vancouver are experienced and trained in doing the job right and safely.

Secondly, any errors can cause damage, cost, and headache down the line. You must make sure your roof is repaired and installed perfectly, so it will stand up to wind, rain, snow, sleet, and whatever else Mother Nature has in store. All should be installed or repaired by a professional from the roof decking, underlayment, shingles, flashing, vents, and other parts of your roofing system. This will give you peace of mind and ensure you won’t need premature replacements or repairs down the road.

Finding quality Vancouver roofers

The first step in roof maintenance or a roof replacement is finding the right roofers in Vancouver. You want to ensure that the contractor fixing or replacing your roof is experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and reputable. While selecting roofing products, like asphalt, cedar, or metal roofing is essential, proper installation of your roof is vital. You also want to ensure you’re getting a fair price, solid warranties, and a positive customer experience.

RenovationFind Certified roofing companies have passed a stringent screening process. Their certification means they’ve passed legal and financial checks, have a business license, liability insurance, WCB coverage, and a third party will monitor customer reviews. These Vancouver roofers have a proven reputation in the industry, with customers, and among their peers. That means they are contractors that can be trusted. They’ll do the work correctly to adequately protect your home from the elements, improve efficiency, and help prevent damage. They’ll also help you select the type of roofing that meets your needs for style, maintenance, and aesthetics.

In no particular order, here are five of the best roofing companies in Vancouver.

1. Citadel Roofing & Building Maintenance

Website https://www.citadelroofing.ca/ 
Phone (604) 612-3601
Email shane@citadelroofing.ca
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/citadel-roofing-and-building-maintenance-5886

Citadel Roofing offers professional roofing, repair and maintenance services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. They have a stellar reputation among past clients and will work closely with you to ensure your roof is constructed or repaired to your specific needs. Citadel Roofing offers roof replacements and ongoing roofing services for all roofs, including asphalt, metal, cedar, and flat roofing. They also provide siding services, as well as carpentry, cleaning, and waterproofing services.

Service Features

– Residential, commercial, and industrial roofing services
– Building maintenance services
– Waterproofing products
– Free estimates
– 24/7 emergency services
– Siding repair and installation

Customer Feedback

Citadel was one of the best roofing companies I have ever dealt with. They did great work and were on time and budget. The prices were very competitive and they did not cut any corners. I would absolutely use this company for any roofing in the future.

– Travis, Google

2. Xtreme Roofing

Website https://www.xtremeroofing.ca/
Phone 604-317-1852
Email dan@xtremeroofing.ca
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/xtreme-roofing-6693

Xtreme Roofing uses the latest roofing materials and techniques to ensure maximum protection and style for your home. They have a large service area, including the Sea-to-Sky Corridor, Vancouver, Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. These Vancouver roofers can manufacture your roof on-site with cutting-edge technology, saving you time on installation. So whether you need a new roof or maintenance work done, you can trust the experienced professionals at Xtreme Roofing.

Service Features

– Commercial and residential roofing services
– Roofing installation and repairs (shingle, metal, flat roofing)
– 24/7 emergency services
– Custom chimney flashing
– Gutter installation
– Metal roofing & gutters manufactured on-site

Customer Feedback

I was lucky I came across these guys! I was looking for someone to re-shingle my home and I needed it done in a timely manner. Shane was beyond responsive in all aspects of the transaction. I did my due diligence as a homeowner, and called a few companies for quotes. Upon comparison, Xtreme was competitively priced AND was able to complete the job the following week. As soon as I picked a shingle colour, the disposal bin was dropped off and the job was started. The whole operation was completed while I was at work, and the one time I crossed paths with the roofers, they were professional, experienced, and willing to answer any questions I had. The job was completed in a couple days, the site was left clean and tidy, and I have a beautiful new roof for my little home. I highly recommend this company 👌

– Kayla, Google

3. Samra Bros Roofing Ltd. 

Website https://samrabrosroofingltd.ca/
Phone 604.946.4333
Email samrabros1972@gmail.com
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/samra-bros-roofing-ltd-6930

Samra Bros Roofing Ltd. has served the Lower Mainland, from Whistler to White Rock, for almost 50 years! This family-owned business of roofers in Vancouver has supplied, installed and repaired thousands of roofs since going into business in 1972. They offer a range of premium roofing materials, detailed service, and always put their customer’s needs first. If you need roof repairs or a new roof, trust Samra Bros for maximum protection and a roof that will last for years to come.

Service Features

– Commercial and residential roofing services
– Flat roofing maintenance and installation (torch-on roofing)
– Shingle roofing (fibreglass and cedar shingles)
– Nearly 50 years of experience
– Expert advice and free estimates

Customer Feedback

Samra Bros Roofing replaced our old shake roof with an Elk fibreglass laminate roof two years ago. The job was done in a professional manner, the materials were top quality and the roof looks great. We have recommended Samra to numerous friends.

– LC, HomeStars

4. Height Roofing & Waterproofing

Website http://heightroofing.com/
Phone 778-318-1979
Email Info@heightroofing.com
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/height-roofing-and-waterproofing-6996

Height Roofing & Waterproofing offers quality residential and commercial roofing services to Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Since 1998, this family-run team of Vancouver roofers has provided exceptional service, competitive pricing and quality workmanship on every project. You can trust this knowledgeable roofing company to handle flat roofing, sloped roofing, and skylight installation for your home or business.

Service Features

– Commercial and residential roofing services
– Flat roofing specialists (TPO, EPDM, BUR, Modified Bitumen)
– Sloped roofing (metal)
– Roof repairs and maintenance
– Metal flashing and siding services
– Skylight installation and repairs

Customer Feedback

I have worked with Sam on a few commercial projects, and his professionalism, experience and attention to detail, easily separate him from the rest of the pack. It saves money, time and grief. Thanks Sam, keep up the great work!

– Dave, Google

5. Canam Roofing Ltd.

Website https://canamroofing.ca/
Phone (778) 881-1417
Email info@canamroofing.ca
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/canam-roofing-ltd-6506

When Canam Roofing Ltd. started out as a roofing company, they made a commitment to only use the best roofing products and offer superior services for your residential or commercial roof. In addition, they offer a wealth of knowledge when it comes to roofing systems and will ensure your home or business is well-protected. When you work with Canam, you’ll get a free written and detailed estimate, competitive pricing, and a quality guarantee for materials, installation, and workmanship.

Service Features

– Residential re-roofing services (conversion from cedar shakes to fibreglass laminated asphalt shingles and droid shingles converted to fibreglass laminated asphalt shingles)
– Commercial roofing (flat and metal roofing services)
– Roof repairs and maintenance
– Skylight installation and repair
– Gutter installation, repair, and cleaning
– Flexible financing options are available
– Warranties on product and installation

Customer Feedback

The quality work was impeccable. The crew showed up on time and completed the job within a timely fashion while explaining everything they were going to do. The crew was careful to clean up and was always courteous and polite not just to us but to our neighbors. They took the time to answer all my questions. I received a quick response to my request for a quote and the crew showed up within a week to start the job. I would highly recommend canam roofing and would definitely use them again.

– Ricky, Google

Signs you need a new roof

If your roof is failing or about to fail, your home could be vulnerable to the harsh weather. With winter underway and atmospheric rivers in the forecast, you must ensure your house is protected from the elements. With quality materials and a comprehensive drainage system, a roof installed correctly will ensure your home doesn’t suffer damage during harsh winter storms.

How do you know you need a new roof? Here are some signs it’s time for a roof replacement or roof repairs in Vancouver:

Missing, peeling, or curling shingles

Asphalt roofs will start to show their age, especially if they’ve been damaged by the sun. Shingles will begin to peel, more so on south-facing slopes, curl, and fall apart entirely. If there has been a powerful windstorm, you might find some singles are missing altogether. In some instances, low-quality shingles can peel or start to break apart before their time. If you notice these issues happening on your roof, call one of the above Vancouver roofers for a roof inspection immediately. They’ll be able to determine if your roof needs a replacement and can provide a quote at that time.

Missing granules

Asphalt roofs will also start to shed granules as they age. Unfortunately, low-quality asphalt shingles can do this prematurely, so investing in a quality roofing product during re-roofing or a roof replacement is essential. When the granules fall off, they’ll leave spots on the roof that look “bald.” These spots will leave your roof vulnerable to water penetration and should be dealt with immediately. Sometimes you can see these areas. In other cases, you might notice granules in your gutters or on the ground around your house.

Rot, moss, and algae growth

If you have cedar shingles or shakes, they might show their wear differently. Without ongoing maintenance, wood roofs can get a build-up of moss, algae and other plant life. If it’s not removed periodically, it can lead to mildew, mould, and even rot. A rotten roof will not do its job protecting your home. You might need to convert your wood roofing with a more robust material for the damp and rainy climate.

Your roof is decades old

Most roofs are meant to last 15-20 years. If your older roof is older than that, it’s worth having a Vancouver roofer come to your home for an inspection. They can tell you if your older roof needs maintenance or if it’s in your best interest to invest in a replacement. Preventative action can save you a lot of money and stress. Plus, advancement in product manufacturing, technology, and installation methods has extended the lifespan of newer roofs. So once your older roof is replaced, you can rest easy knowing it will be there to protect your home for years to come.

Leaks or water stains in the home

If you’ve noticed water stains on your ceiling, walls, in the attic, or anywhere else in your home, you certainly have a problem. Contact roofers in Vancouver immediately. Once water can get past the roof, it can cause widespread damage that is expensive to fix. Catching the problem early can help prevent damage and potential mould or mildew growth which is very harmful to your health. An experienced roofer will determine the source of the leak and create an action plan for repairs or a replacement. They can also inspect other components of your roofing system that help with drainage and ventilation. These components include your eavestroughs, downspouts, metal flashing, soffit, and fascia.

Choosing the best roofers in Vancouver

The roofing companies listed above are all RenovationFind Certified. The certification means they’re a roofing company you can trust, with a proven reputation for quality products, installation, and service. Once you’ve researched these Vancouver roofers, you can contact your shortlist for a detailed estimate on your home project. After you’ve received those quotes, ask questions about their process so you can prepare for your new roof or roof repairs.

RenovationFind also offers an online service that will provide you with three quotes from certified companies in your area. Head to Post a Project, fill out the details about the services you require, and three roofing companies will contact you with a free quote. From there, you can choose the company you feel is the best fit for you and your home.

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