6 Best Roofing Companies in Winnipeg

The Best Roofing Companies in Winnipeg

If you need a new roof or a roof repair, you don’t want to put it off. Your roof plays an integral role in protecting your home from the rain, sleet, wind, snow, and sun. If you’ve noticed ageing, wear, or damage to your roof, you could be susceptible to leaks. If water can penetrate your home, it will lead to a range of other costly issues. Regular roof inspections, timely repairs, and roof replacements when it’s time will ensure your home is protected from the elements. With the harsh winters we get in Manitoba, taking care of your roof will ensure your home is warm, comfortable, efficient, and protected.

DIY or hire a professional?

Roofers in Winnipeg will ensure your roof is repaired or installed correctly. Any errors in fixing or replacing a roof can quickly become a costly and stressful mistake. A professional roofer will have the training, knowledge, experience, and tools to get the job done correctly. That includes installing roof decking, underlayment, flashing, vents, shingles, and other components of your roof. When this is done by reputable and experienced Winnipeg roofers, you can rest easy knowing your home is well-protected.

DIY roofing can also pose a safety hazard. Working at heights, balancing on slopes, climbing ladders, and using pneumatic tools can be dangerous without proper safety equipment, training, and experience. Risking a severe injury is not worth attempting a DIY roofing job. Instead, professional roof installation and repair is a wise investment that can protect you and your home.

What to look for in Winnipeg roofers?

Because the quality of your roof is vital to protecting your home and preventing water damage, you need to hire the right roofing contractor for the job. The roofers in Winnipeg you hire should have years of experience, a proven reputation, and offer the type of roofing products and services you need. Doing your research will ensure you’re getting a competitive price, strong warranties on products and labour, and a positive experience overall. When making a sizable investment in your home, you want to make sure you’re getting the best return.

RenovationFind offers a free listing of pre-screened and certified roofers in Winnipeg. Essentially, we have done the first part of your research for you. The roofers on our directory have passed legal and financial background checks, have a business license, insurance, WCB coverage, and we’re monitoring customer reviews. On our website, you’ll notice that Winnipeg roofers with a membership in good standing with the Better Business Bureau have a higher rating. After the roofing companies are certified, we use a third-party organization to monitor them to ensure they always keep up to the highest standard.

RenovationFind Certified companies are committed to building a brand of trust with their customers and potential customers. They will educate you on your roof and available services and products to ensure you get the best option for your specific situation. Professional, certified roofers will do the work correctly to protect your home from the weather, improve efficiency, and prevent damage to other parts of the house. In addition, they’ll help you choose a roofing product that meets your needs for cost, maintenance, and looks.

The Best Roofing Contractors in Winnipeg

In no particular order, here are the best roofing companies in Winnipeg

1. Oakwood Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. Ltd.

Website https://www.oakwoodroofing.com/
Phone (431) 800-0607
Email info@oakwoodroofing.com
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/oakwood-roofing-and-sheet-metal-co-ltd-6043

At Oakwood Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. Ltd., everyone is treated like family. This Canadian-owned company is one of Manitoba’s largest roofing contractors. They started out in 1977 and, since that time, have earned a solid reputation for quality work, dependability, and long-lasting roof installations. Oakwood Roofing offers residential and commercial roofing services, including roofing, cladding, and waterproofing. They understand what it takes to protect your home or business from Winnipeg’s harsh and ever-changing weather.

Furthermore, you can count on Oakwood Roofing for asphalt, metal, rubber, cedar and flat roofing. They offer maintenance for residential, commercial, and industrial roofs and are available 24-7 for emergency leaks and repairs.

Service Features

– Residential and commercial roofing services (asphalt, rubber, flat, cedar & metal roofing)
– Flat roofing experts
– Soffit, fascia, and eavestrough installation
– Custom cladding and beams
– Flexible financing options
– Insurance claims experts, including HAAG-certified insurance inspector for residential roofing

Customer Feedback

We spent a fair bit of time talking to roofing companies and researching their expertise. We decided on Oakwood and were not disappointed. They took on an extremely difficult job for us. Log homes come with “interesting” construction requirements, as logs are beautifully unconventional! Oakwood removed a large troublesome metal roof, put on osb decking, membrane, ice shielding, flashing, shingles, and replaced some of our 14″ metal facias. Our roof has a very steep pitch and 4 dormers. Again, not an easy job.

Their price was not the lowest, but they came through for us in quality of work. We really enjoyed having the team around. And it absolutely was a full Oakwood team effort on this job. We would absolutely refer Oakwood Roofing. They are really busy, be patient, and you won’t be disappointed.

– Darlene, Google

2. Modern Renovations

Website https://www.modernrenos.net/
Phone 204-471-6013
Email josh@modernrenos.net
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/modern-renovations-6770

Modern Renovations are exterior renovation specialists. In addition to roofing services, they offer soffit, fascia, eavestrough, siding, custom cladding, steel stud framing, drywall, and other services. Plus, they’re able to provide their renovation services year-round. Modern Renovations also offers easy, customizable, and affordable payment plans on all their projects. Check out their website for more information and see photos of their work.

Service Features

– Residential roofing services (asphalt & metal roofing)
– Soffit, fascia, and eavestrough installation
– Custom cladding and beams
– Flexible financing options
– Siding installation services

Customer Feedback

Josh and his crew just finished my house. They were a great group. very professional, and friendly. Their work was spectacular beyond my expectations. Their price was extremely competitive. I would highly recommend them. Thank you for all you’ve done.

– Terri, Facebook

3. Pristine Roofing & Siding

Website https://pristineroofing.com/
Phone (204) 237-7663
Email info@pristineroofing.com
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/pristine-roofing-and-siding-1245

Pristine Roofing & Siding has served Winnipeg and surrounding areas for more than 20 years. Over that time, they’ve worked on over 10,000 homes in Manitoba, offering the best in roof replacement, re-roofing, and roof repairs. They also offer vinyl and cement-board siding, eavestroughs, soffit and fascia, cladding and spray foam insulation. Their Winnipeg roofers are trained and experienced in exterior renovations that will improve the value of your home. They’re proud to have built their business on referrals from happy customers and promise the highest level of customer service on every project.

Service Features

– Residential roofing and roof repairs
– Ventilation, insulation, and ice-dam prevention
– Siding installation services
– Soffit, fascia, eavestrough and cladding services
– Flexible financing options
– Insurance claims experts

Customer Feedback

We had Pristine replace our shingles. They were the first roofing company to respond to our quote request. The estimator Andrew was excellent to work with. They came on time, the crew was courteous and polite and worked tirelessly in blistering heat. Cleanup was well done and their follow up with inspection was excellent. From start to finish, it was nothing but a positive experience. Based on our experience we would highly recommend this company.

– John, Google

4. Dakota Exteriors & Roofing

Website https://dakotaexteriors.ca/
Phone 204-9519-634
Email dakotaproperty@gmail.com 
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/dakota-exteriors-and-roofing-6523

Dakota Exteriors & Roofing is Manitoba’s complete exterior solution! They specialize in residential and commercial roof repair, replacement, and re-roofing. You’ll appreciate their vast knowledge and experience with specialty sloped, shingled, and flat roofing projects. In addition to being premier roofers in Winnipeg, they also offer the full suite of exterior renovation services. Siding, soffit, fascia, eavestroughs, cultured stone, windows and doors, and exterior insulation. Dakota Exteriors can help you improve your home’s protection, energy efficiency, curb appeal, and value with its renovation services. Plus, they’ll help you qualify for the Manitoba Hydro Home Energy Efficiency Loan for any windows, doors, and exterior insulation renovation.

Service Features

– Commercial and residential roofing services
– Flat roofing maintenance and installation
– Roof maintenance plans
– Soffit, fascia, eavestrough services
– Siding installation services, including cultured stone
– Exterior insulation
– Windows and doors

Customer Feedback

Hiring Dakota Exteriors was the best decision we made! The workmanship and materials were A+. The crew was professional, personable and had a keen eye for the smallest details. They take their work and customer satisfaction seriously.

– Chris, Google


5. Advanced Level Roofing

Website https://www.advancedlevelroofing.com/winnipeg-roofing/
Phone 403-540-0422
Email mitch@advancedlevelroofing.com
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/advanced-level-roofing-7285

Advanced Level Roofing is your local roofing expert. As reputable Winnipeg roofers, they offer a range of residential and commercial roofing services. They’re responsive, detail-oriented, and can ensure the quality and sustainability of your roof now and in the future. They do about 1,000 roofers per year and pride themselves in their quick turnaround time. When they’ve finished the job, they’ll leave your property clean without a trace of them being there. Advanced Level Roofing is dedicated to hard work, superior quality, and going above and beyond for each of its customers.

Service Features

– Commercial and residential roofing services
– Flat roofing specialists
– Roof repairs, including hail damage
– Insurance claim experts
– Emergency services
– Free estimates

Customer Feedback

Nothing but a great experience. They use top quality materials and explained the entire process. Clean up everything before leaving. Also worked with my insurance company to make sure the process was completed to our satisfaction.

– Rivers, Google

6. GPD Flat Roofing

Website https://gpdflatroofing.com/
Phone (204) 355-8299
Email https://gpdflatroofing.com/winnipeg-flat-roofing-specialists/quote/
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/gpd-flat-roofing-7167

GDP Flat Roofing is Winnipeg’s flat roof specialist. They offer residential flat roofing, commercial flat roofing and flat roof repairs. Their Winnipeg roofers are qualified with Red Seal Journeyman certification, committed to meeting a high level of standard for flat roof installation and repairs. They install flat roofs that last, so you can have peace of mind knowing your high-quality flat roof is protecting your home or commercial building for years to come.

Service Features

– Residential and commercial flat roofing installation
– Flat roofing inspection and repairs
– On-going roof maintenance
– Red Seal Journeyman certification
– Free consultation and quotes

Customer Feedback

This company did a flat roof on my home. They are very professional and did a great job. I would recommend this company to anyone needing a roof.

– Steve, Better Business Bureau

How do you know if you need a new roof?

When your roof has expired or is at risk of failure, there are some ways to tell. Catching these signs early will help prevent extensive moisture or water damage to other components of your home. The best way to ensure your roof is in good shape is to have a professional roofing company in Winnipeg inspect the roof for you. Annual inspections and maintenance can help prevent damage and extend the lifespan of your current roof.

If you need a new roof, you must have it replaced as soon as possible. Even a tiny leak can cause expensive damage if left too long. Moisture can also lead to mildew and mould. Mould is hazardous to your health and costly to remediate. While every type of roof might show different signs of wear and tear, these tips should give you an idea.

Peeling or missing shingles

Peeling and curling shingles are a symptom of an older, sun-damaged asphalt roof. You might notice that the south-facing slopes of your roof are in worse shape. This is because south-facing roofs will be damaged faster by the sun’s UV rays faster than on the other sides. If your shingles are curling, it’s definitely time for a roof replacement. Roofers in Winnipeg can determine if some or all of your roof needs replacing.

Missing shingles also mean you need roof repair at a minimum. You can lose shingles from a bad wind storm or faulty installation. Ensure your home is protected by repairing or replacing those missing shingles as soon as you can.

Missing granules

Asphalt roofs will also start to shed granules as they age. A low-quality asphalt product will begin to do this prematurely. Investing in a high-quality shingle is always worth it and can help you avoid a premature replacement, saving money and time in the end. Missing granules will make areas of your roof look “bald.” These bald spots can leave your roof vulnerable and should be fixed right away. Finding granules on the ground or in your gutters is also a sign of an ageing roof.

Damage flashing

Flashing is the metalwork found around chimneys, vents and skylights on the roof. Some roofs will have metal flashing in the valleys to help with drainage and extend the life of the shingles. If your flashing is damaged or coming away from the roof, it means it is no longer doing its job. Winnipeg roofers can inspect the roof and let you know if the flashing can be repaired. If water has already penetrated, you might need an extensive repair or even a roof replacement.

Old roof

Older roofs were built to last 15 to 20 years, give or take. If your roof is decades old, it’s worth having a Winnipeg roofer come inspect it for you. They can recommend maintenance to keep your old roof in good shape, or they might suggest a replacement. Replacing an aged-out roof before it fails will save you money and headache. In addition, newer roofing materials are leaps and bounds more protective than shingles of the past. Innovations in manufacturing, technology, and installation methods have increased the lifespan of more recent roofing products. They are also better for energy efficiency, which can help you save money on monthly energy bills. Once you have your new roof, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing your roof will protect your home far into the future.

You suspect a leak

If you suspect your roof is leaking, connect with roofers in Winnipeg immediately! Signs the roof leaks include water stains on the ceiling and walls or in the attic on the joists and beams. You might also see mildew or mould growth on attic insulation, boards, or on your ceiling or walls. Do not wait until the problem worsens.

Finding the best roofers in Winnipeg

Start your research with the RenovationFind Certified roofing companies above. You’ll find a company you can trust that will provide quality products, installation, and service.

RenovationFind also offers a service on our website to help you get three quotes from certified companies in Winnipeg. Head to Post a Project, fill out the details about the services you require, and three roofing contractors in your area will contact you with a free quote. From there, you can choose the company you feel is the best fit for you and your home.



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