9 Best Window Replacement Companies in Winnipeg



Canadian weather is harsh. Our houses, including our windows and doors, must be built to withstand the extreme cold. Unfortunately, windows that rely on old technology lose warmth in the winter and cool air in the summer. ENERGY STAR states that your old windows can be responsible for up to 25% of your home’s total energy loss! Choosing to replace them with durable, energy-efficient, and modern models will save energy, money and add home comfort. In addition, installing new doors and windows increases your property value and boosts curb appeal.

The right window and door replacement company will help you transition to a more energy-efficient home. Here are the 9 best window replacement companies in Winnipeg in no particular order. These companies offer high-quality, energy-efficient products, promise professional installation and have a proven reputation for excellent customer service.

The Best Window Replacement Companies in Winnipeg

Keep reading below this listing to find helpful tips and things to look for when hiring a company for your Winnipeg window replacement.

1. Norden Seal Windows

Website https://www.nordenseal.ca/
Phone (833) 979-0300
Email info@nordenseal.ca
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/norden-seal-windows–7625

Norden Seal uses innovative technology to bring you windows and doors for a warmer home. Their doors combine European style, American practicality, and Canadian durability to withstand all North American weather conditions. Additionally, they are proud to offer Super Spacer® on their windows. This insulating glass system is durable, energy-saving, and resists condensation. It has the lowest U-value in the industry. All of their products are made in Canada with Canadian winters in mind.

Key Services 

– Window and door replacements
– Use certified energy-efficient products
– Canadian-made products for Canadian winters
– 25 year fully transferable warranty
– 0% 12 month financing available

Customer Feedback

We had Norden Seal Windows install our windows and door. Work has been done right and in professional way from the estimate till it’s done. Team is very friendly and was very easy to work with, they showed up on time with a positive attitude. We highly recommend this company to all our friends. You guys are awesome.

– M Z, Google

2. Hi-Tech Energy Windows Ltd

Website https://hitechwindows.ca/
Phone (204) 783-9945
Email info@hitechwindows.ca
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/hi-tech-energy-windows-ltd-6322

Hi-Tech Energy Windows Ltd. is a family-owned and operated company that is passionate about what they do. They design and manufacture their energy-efficient, custom-made, high-security windows right here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Their windows and doors are built to last and improve thermal performance for your home. Because of their Hi-Tech SuperCORE technology, their products withstand all types of weather. This includes frigidly cold to extremely hot. In fact, their windows and doors have been engineered specifically for harsh climates, including weather in the Yukon and Alaska. As a result, Hi-Tech Energy Windows Ltd. was named one of the “Top 10 Window Manufacturers in Canada.”

Key Services

– Window and door replacements
– Custom designs
– Use certified energy-efficient products
– Designed and manufactured in Winnipeg, Manitoba
– Lifetime transferable warranty
– Flexible financing options

Customer Feedback

We recently had our front door replaced, and are extremely happy with the final product. Tom’s expertise, knowledge and suggestions were very helpful in making a decision. He was also very patient while I decided on a final colour! The door, sidelights and transom are all of superior quality and we already notice a noise reduction from the street. Thank you Hi-Tech!

– Julie Labossiere, Google

3. Duxton Windows & Doors

Website https://duxtonwindows.com/
Phone (204) 339-6456
Email aynsleyd@duxtonwindows.com
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/duxton-windows-and-doors-7293

Duxton Windows & Doors specialize in fibreglass windows and doors. They pride themselves on building custom and innovative high-performance solutions. Additionally, they offer a wide range of insulating glass. This includes standard dual, triple pane, and Krypton insulated units. Their Warm Edge Stainless Steel Spacer – Endur IG™ can deliver outstanding thermal performance and the industry’s lowest failure rate. Duxton’s windows and doors are made in Canada to tackle the harshest weather extremes.

Key Services 

– Window and door replacements
– Custom designs
– Products are made to order
– Use certified energy-efficient products
– Exclusively offers fibreglass windows and doors
– Wide range of insulating glass
– 20-year limited warranty

Customer Feedback

Duxton helped us out on a large project with lots of windows. They also work together with the design and construction team to sure the windows where correct and on time. Duxton also helped with complex detail to allow us to have the design we wanted with our off site manufacturing of the exterior walls.

– Scott Hawryluk, Google

4. Ecoline Windows Winnipeg

Website https://www.ecolinewindows.ca/
Phone (204) 813-9957
Email service@ecolinewindows.ca

Ecoline Windows provide Energy Star rated and NAFS-11 tested windows. These high-performance windows come in triple or double pane glass, with Argon or Krypton insulating glass. All window installations are done by their own dedicated team of trained and certified installers. Additionally, they offer steel entry doors, fibreglass entry doors, and garden doors. They are more than just window replacement companies in Winnipeg. They also provide service and repairs on their doors and windows and have a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Key Services 

– Window and door replacements
– Use certified energy-efficient products
– Have their own dedicated installers
– Dispose of your old windows.
– 25-year fully transferable warranty on most products
– Flexible financing options

Customer Feedback

We recently got two rather large windows replaced through Ecoline. We have worked with them before in the replacement of one of our doors and loved their work, so we decided to go with them again. They were incredibly friendly, and also very quick and efficient with the install. On completion there was also a good run through of what was done and everything was kept nice and tidy. The work was also all done during quite a cold day. Would definitely recommend Ecoline.

– Paul Quimio, Google

5. Canadian Choice Replacement Windows & Doors

Website https://www.windowscanada.com/
Phone (204) 272-8117
Email https://www.windowscanada.com/contact-us.html

Canadian Choice Windows & Doors are built in Canada and built to last. Their products are innovative, energy-efficient, and of the highest quality. Thanks to their revolutionary draftLOCK technology, you can save up to 23% on your annual energy bills after a Winnipeg window replacement. Furthermore, this technology is endorsed by HGTV Host and construction expert Bryan Baeumler. Because they are the manufacturer and installer, they guarantee that your windows and doors will fit perfectly. All installations are carried out by licensed and certified installers trained at Canadian Choice’s own in-house facilities.

Key Services 

– Window and door replacements
– Manufacture their windows and doors
– Have their own dedicated installers
– Revolutionary draftLOCK technology
– Lifetime transferrable manufacturer’s warranty
– Flexible financing options

Customer Feedback

Very impressed with the quality, I just moved into my home and wanted to upgrade the windows. With Kent’s guidance as well as the hard-working installers, I felt like a guru on home renovation despite being an absolute newbie at the start. Kent always had a new suggestion to make the home better and would always explain the little technicalities so that we knew exactly what we were paying for. End result, the home looks wonderful, it took a lot of care from everyone involved. Big thanks to all! 5 stars!

– Jurasik Milana, Google

6. NorthShield Windows and Doors

Website https://www.northshield.ca/
Phone (204) 272-3725
Email info@northshield.ca

North Shield Windows & Doors Inc. are proudly Canadian and provide high-quality products. Their windows and doors are the latest in security, durability, and design. Furthermore, they understand tough Canadian weather and have created products built to withstand our climate. Their vinyl windows and doors are made to fit and have energy-efficient features. All of their products proudly bear the ENERGY STAR Seal. In addition, they offer quick and reliable installation services, as well as superior customer service.

Key Services 

– Window and door replacements
– Use certified energy-efficient products
– Free in-home estimates
– Manufactured in Canada
– Offers warranty on products
– Flexible financing options

Customer Feedback

NorthShield Windows and Doors installed new windows in my home. I have to say that I am really impressed with the quality of their work. The window frames are so much more reliable than what you would get from a big box store. My house is much warmer now, which has improved my quality of life immensely. I would highly recommend NorthShield Windows and Doors to anyone looking

– Ava Emma, Google

7. Weather Pro Windows and Doors

Website https://weatherpro.ca/
Phone (204) 583-6163
Email info@weatherpro.ca

Weather Pro Windows and Doors supply the highest quality windows and doors across Canada. Their products are designed and assembled in Canada with a transferable lifetime guarantee. They offer stylish, extremely energy efficient, and high-performance vinyl windows and doors. These are the most energy-efficient windows in the country! In addition, they have monthly specials such as monthly payments, discounts on installations, and free upgrades.

Key Services 

– Window and door replacements
– Use certified energy-efficient products
– Designed and assembled in Canada
– Transferable lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
– 0% 12 month financing available

Customer Feedback

I was referred by a friend who had great experience with them. Then the sales guy shown up to measure and quote. He was very friendly and professional, and most importantly, the price is irresistible. When it comes to the installation day, four crews showed up and installed all 9 windows, the front door, and the patio door in a professionally timely manner. Plus they were all friendly and patient to explain everything. By the end, the vacuumed all working areas so no hassle later for us. Then surprisingly the sales guy phoned me back to do a revisit. I can tell from his time and wording, he is indeed very proud of his job and really want to make sure we are happy.

– Alfred Wang, Google

8. Green Brand Windows and Doors Inc.

Website https://www.greenbrandsolutions.com/
Phone (204) 414-9444
Email info@greenbrandsolutions.com

Green Brand Windows and Doors Inc. are Winnipeg’s specialists in windows and doors. They provide a wide selection of energy-efficient, contemporary and traditional products for any home. With over ten partners across the industry, they offer vinyl, PVC, and fibreglass windows and doors. Their windows are locally designed and manufactured and come with a lifetime warranty. This makes them a great choice for your Winnipeg window replacement. In addition, their doors are built to withstand the extremes of our Canadian climate.

Key Services 

– Window and door replacements
– Use certified energy-efficient products
– Vinyl, PVC, and fibreglass windows and doors
– Offers warranty on products
– Flexible financing options

Customer Feedback

Anders and the team at Green Brand Windows and Doors helped us to replace all of our basement windows. Anders helped us choose the best options for our space and the installation team was awesome. Cleaned up afterwards, and the finished product is amazing! Looking forward to working with them for the upstairs renovation!

– Karen Payne, Google

9. RKCR General Contracting

Website https://rkcrgeneralcontracting.business.site/
Phone (204) 891-2224
Email https://rkcrgeneralcontracting.business.site/#details
RenovationFind Profile https://www.renovationfind.com/companies/rkcr-general-contracting-7571

RKCR General Contracting is a general contracting company that offers a range of home renovation services. Their services include window replacements, repairs, and door replacements. With all of their installation services, they source the best products and ensure they’re built to improve efficiency and last. In addition, as trustworthy window replacement companies in Winnipeg, they offer professional service and deliver quality craftsmanship every time.

Key Services 

– Window and door replacements
– Use certified energy-efficient products
– Manufacturer’s warranty
– General home renovation services

Customer Feedback

This company was recommended to me through a family member and I couldn’t be happier with their work. Completely professional, showed up on time and did an outstanding job!

– Whitney McMurtrie, Google

Tips for choosing a window replacement company


Whenever you need to hire a home improvement company, check if they have the proper credentials. This includes valid business licensing, current liability insurance, WCB coverage, and other relevant certificates. Lacking these, you might be at risk if anything goes wrong on your property. A professional company will have all the right credentials and no issues providing them for you. If they don’t, then take your business elsewhere.


When looking for products, always check if they come with a warranty. Different companies will offer different lengths and levels of coverage, so always ask before purchasing. For example, window replacement companies in Winnipeg should all offer a manufacturer warranty on the product at a minimum. You don’t want to wait until after something goes wrong to learn about the specifics of the warranty. Additionally, inquire if the installation is also guaranteed.


It’s always a good idea to get testimonials before hiring a company and not just rely on online reviews. These references provide valuable insights! Do they offer high-quality work? Are they reliable? How is their customer service? Would their past clients hire them again? Sadly, online reviews can easily be faked. So, it’s a good idea to ask the company to put you in touch with their last three customers. That way, you can ask them directly and get all the information you need to make your decision.

ENERGY Star Certified

To maximize your energy savings, look for products with ENERGY Star certification. Doors, windows, and skylights are responsible for up to 25% of the energy loss in your home. Switching to more energy-efficient options reduces this by at least 15% – 25%. ENERGY STAR certification is only awarded to products that have met strict technical specifications for energy performance. They are tested and certified and rated for specific climate zones. That means you can trust your new windows can stand up to those harsh Winnipeg winters.

Get started by contacting one of the qualified Winnipeg window replacement companies above!



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