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We strive to offer the very best electrical services in Edmonton.  Our certified team offers a variety of service options that deliver quality at budget-friendly prices.

Band Aid

Our baseline service is the ready band-aid for true electrical emergencies. We’ll rapidly apply a fix and cover our work with a 30-day warranty.


When you need additional diagnostic services and a quick fix, our electricians in Edmonton conduct a full assessment and prioritize the most critical needs.  With more time to inspect your electrical system, we can offer a 6-month warranty.


Our most popular option comes with a complete inspection of your electrical system and full servicing, even for things that aren’t broken but show signs of wear and tear. For example, if we’re replacing a specialty bulb, we’ll conduct a safety test of the entire fixture and replace faulty circuits for peace of mind. Plus, we offer a full 1-year warranty.


This service option provides a complete renovation of the system we’re servicing. For example, light fixture replacement comes with performance and safety testing, area circuit restoration, upgrades to a state-of-the-art shock protection system, and rejuvenated lighting controls. We’re so confident in this service we offer an 18-month warranty.


On top of the Gold service option features, our Platinum service offers a full 2-year warranty, plus a follow-on safety and service inspection to guarantee your satisfaction.

You can visit us today at to book your appointment with a certified electrician in Edmonton. You can also call or text us at 780-965-1260 or email us at By choosing us you are choosing the very best electricians in Edmonton that care your safety and satisfaction.


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