Why you should book your spring AC service now

While air conditioner maintenance inspections are something homeowners don’t think about until spring, it’s better to start thinking about it now. Early preparation and locking in that annual maintenance check will pay off more in the long run. Not only does it keep your AC in top condition, but it also clears up that job come spring and summer.

Dr. Heat and Air Ltd. in Calgary are a professional air conditioning company. They share why booking your AC service now is the best approach:

Boost energy efficiency

Scheduling annual services for your air conditioner helps keep it running smoothly and without issues. When running at total capacity, that AC unit also runs more efficiently. It saves more in the long run and keeps your home comfortable and balanced. During the fall and winter months, when the AC isn’t used, those many working parts can wear down or get stiff. Turning on the AC come spring risks parts of the AC breaking or running poorly. Booking your maintenance check early means you can immediately depend on the cool air once that warm weather rolls around.

Minimizes costly repairs

Inspections by professionals catch issues that a DIY inspection may not easily catch. When you call your contractor to check the unit, they have years of training and experience to know what to look for. So, book your spring service now and ensure you get the appointment before the rush. If something does come up, like a part that needs repairing, it can be handled quickly. In other cases, it may come up that a replacement is the best option instead. In that case, you still have plenty of time to replace the unit before the warm weather really settles in.

Same time and stress

It’ll likely be too late if you wait until spring to start thinking about a professional service. Not because your AC won’t turn on but because every other homeowner will think the same thing. Those wait times will only get longer, which can especially become problematic if repairs are needed. AC units aren’t a DIY job; getting a rush repair is money wasted compared to a quality job. By booking early, you don’t have to sit around waiting for help and can enjoy a cool home right away.

A knowledgeable team

The technicians behind Dr. Heat and Air Ltd. are qualified to repair and service all AC units. They can maintain and repair existing or older models, so you won’t ever be without help. In addition, they will handle the equipment and repairs if you get a new unit through their team. So from the moment you pick up the phone to call for support, you are in the right hands. 

HVAC Companies in Calgary

Dr. Heat and Air Ltd. are a family-owned and operated company that cares about its customers in every sense. They pride themselves on providing quality support and services in all their work, ensuring lasting efficiency and quality for years.

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