Boost your home’s curb appeal with new concrete

By maintaining the existing concrete on your property and replacing it when needed, you boost your home’s curb appeal and maintain its value. Additionally, fresh and flawless concrete means you will no longer be tripping over cracks. Installing new concrete or adding new concrete features removes potential hazards, is functional and attractive.

Replace-It Construction in Edmonton provides construction services for the exteriors of residential and commercial buildings. They specialize in concrete repair, restoration, and installation. Here’s how you can boost curb appeal with new concrete:

Replace a cracked driveway

People notice a few things right away when they look at a house. The exterior paint, the lawn, and the driveway help form that first impression. An old, stained, cracked driveway will never win over guests or potential buyers. A driveway in disrepair is an eyesore for everyone who sees it.

Sometimes, driveways can be repaired. However, if your driveway is significantly damaged with cracks and potholes, it’s best to replace it. Extreme cracking and potholes make shovelling snow difficult and even damage your vehicle. Instead, investing in a new, flawless driveway makes it more usable. Plus, it looks way better!

Add a sidewalk

A sidewalk provides a clean leading line and makes your property more visually appealing. It also guides visitors where to walk and can create a flow between outdoor spaces.

Similarly, if you already have a sidewalk that’s fallen into disrepair, it’s time to replace it with fresh concrete. This will boost your curb appeal and restore functionality. A sidewalk full of cracks is a tripping hazard. 

Install a new garage pad

Garage floors go through a lot. Garage pads gradually degrade from heavy vehicles, extreme temperature fluctuations, oil, and chemicals. As a result, a perfectly installed garage floor will eventually sustain damage due to heavy use. Much like driveways, it is possible to repair garage pads. However, these are temporary fixes, and often the damage reappears.

There are some tell-tale signs that your garage pad needs to be replaced. First, cracks appear on the surface. New concrete will not bond well with old concrete, so you won’t see much long-term success with patching. Second, you notice small holes and pits. These are caused by chemicals like oil, antifreeze, and gasoline. Lastly, the floor has become uneven, and there are sunken areas. You’ll need a new garage pad. Learn more about concrete garage floors here.

Concrete Contractors in Edmonton

Replace-It Construction is a family-owned business servicing the Greater Edmonton area, and their customers are their top priority. They ensure customer satisfaction through affordable prices, quality workmanship, and excellent service. Replace-It Construction is an expert in concrete installation and restoration and roof, siding, and eavestrough repairs.

Contact Replace-It Construction for all your reconstruction needs!

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