Bounce Back with Rubber Paving

Written by Prairie Rubber Paving

Traditional building materials are quickly being replaced by innovative products that offer the strengths of their predecessors and bring new advantages. Through the use of synthetic rubber surfaces, Prairie Rubber Paving proves that you can have a surfaces beautiful yet durable, sturdy but flexible, and above all, safe.

Pool deck surfaced with grey synthetic rubber paving.

Rubber paving is made to last.

Synthetic rubber paving can actually stretch and contract easily without cracking or pitting like your old concrete driveway. Freezing and thawing does not affect rubber paving and UV exposure does not cause the material to fade over time. Synthetic rubber keeps its tensile strength and elasticity for many years after it is installed.

Rubber paving performs well in the winter.

Even when frozen, rubber paving provides more traction than other paving products, preventing slips and falls. Your snow shovels and snow blowers will not damage the surface and you’ll find that snow and ice is easily removed from rubber paving. Salt and other de-icers do not effect the rubber, unlike concrete which deteriorates with salt.

Installation is quick

Rubber Paving typically only takes one day to install. All rubber paving installs are low impact on surrounding living spaces. Rubber paving saves the removal of existing base materials once they degrade or need remediation. See if rubber paving can save your existing surface.

Rubber paving comes in a variety of colours

Prairie Rubber Paving provides 16 different colours for installations. Each colour is virgin EPDM made for the purpose of paving. These colours are made UV resistant and coloured all the way through to ensure your project looks the same years down the road as it does from day one.

Rubber Paving in Edmonton

Prairie Rubber Paving is Alberta’s premium rubber paving company. Using the highest quality synthetic rubber and polyurethane binders we create the safest and most durable surfaces on the market. Serving residential and commercial clients all throughout Alberta.

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