Brick vs stone masonry: how to choose for your home

Masonry offers beauty and elegance to your home’s exterior. It also guarantees to boost both value and curb appeal, making it an investment worth choosing. But when it comes to the different types of masonry, such as brick vs stone, how do you choose?

Top Notch Masonry & Contracting in Edmonton is a high-quality and professional company that specializes in masonry. They share the differences between brick and stone, and how to choose for your home:

Benefits of brick masonry 

Compared to other materials, brick is an eco-friendly material made from shale and clay. It is also incredibly durable, making it the perfect choice for a long-lasting and green option. As a building material, brick is highly energy-efficient, keeping warmth inside during the winter and trapping cold during the summer. Year-round, your home will benefit from energy savings and overall comfort. Interior wise, the brick will lend an undeniably striking addition. For example, a focal feature brick wall will add an impressive balance of modern and rustic to any room.

Considerations of brick 

While brick itself is low maintenance, the mortar that holds it together isn’t. Old mortar will eventually need to be removed and replaced to avoid any costly damage to the bricks. Repairing mortar is easy, but it must be handled quickly. Brick also has fewer sizes available and less range of colours when compared to other materials.

Benefits of stone masonry

One of the most popular choices among masonry is stone and for a good reason. It’s the most durable and resistant of all masonry and is likewise perfect for interior and exterior use. Its strength means there is less risk of damage and costly repairs, so its timeless appeal will never fade. Design-wise, stone comes in a wide range of different sizes, colours, and even textures, making for near-endless customizations. It can be used as walkways, wall features, exterior veneers, and more. Like brick, interior stone masonry will act as a stunning focal feature. Either backsplash in a kitchen or an accent wall in the master bathroom will make for a perfect addition.

Considerations of stone 

While durable, stone installation is a more involved process and so more labour intensive than brick. While the cost to install will be higher, once finished, stone masonry will last a lifetime. It also isn’t a natural insulator like brick, so while homes will stay cool in summer, it won’t be as effective in the winter. Stone is also quarried, meaning it is less eco-friendly as a result. Repurposed stone, though, can be used as a greener alternative.

What is right for you? 

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between brick or stone. Both materials will add value and curb appeal to your home, making them both great investments. The final decision, though, comes down to a matter of personal choice. Stone is more durable, but also more expensive than brick. While brick offers a more rustic appearance, the range of designs is more limited than stone. If customization and appearance are important, then stone masonry is a great investment. For a cost-effective and low-maintenance option, choose brick. Either way, both are timeless and stylish materials, so no matter which you choose, it’ll be a worthwhile investment. 

Masonry Contractors in Edmonton 

With nearly 20 years of masonry experience and expertise, Top Notch Masonry & Contracting is the company to call. They guarantee the best service and advice when choosing the perfect masonry addition for your home. With Top Notch Masonry & Contracting helping you, your home is guaranteed to increase in value and beauty. 

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