Brighten your home with new windows

Proper window placement and style can bring a welcome flood of natural light to your home. Plus, natural lighting is much more welcoming and warmer than electric light and offers a few health benefits.  

Sunbusters in Calgary is a professional window company that offers a range of services, including windows, window coverings, painting, decks, railings, roofing, siding, and more.

They share some ways that new windows can brighten your home, and improve efficiency and value:

Think about energy efficiency

While installing new windows throughout your home will brighten it up, don’t forget about the energy efficiency. Many windows will also bring extra heat unless you choose energy-efficient options. Triple pane windows, ENERGY STAR, certified, good U-Factor, and UV light protection will all protect your home. Furthermore, energy-efficient windows reduce energy loss and strain on your HVAC system while lowering monthly bills. 

Benefits of natural sunlight

The significant benefit of natural sunlight is that it provides a healthy dose of vitamin D, which our bodies need. Vitamin D is responsible for fighting off diseases, boosting moods, strengthening immune systems and more. It’s a powerhouse nutrient that you can bask in and enjoy by installing new windows in your home. 

Triple-pane vs. double-pane windows

If you’re replacing your windows, choosing triple-pane windows over double-pane is the wisest idea. Triple-pane windows are significantly more efficient and have a higher thermal performance. That extra layer of glass also allows for extra space for argon gas insulation, increasing thermal performance further. Coatings on the windows will reflect the heat out in the summer and keep it in during the winter.

With our harsh northern climate, which can create huge impacts on our homes in the summer and winter, triple-pane windows are certainly worth the investment. The JELDWEN Northern Tripane Collection was created to solve problems created by our extreme climate. Ask Sunbusters for more information!

Windows in Calgary

Sunbusters prides itself in providing quality windows and services to all homeowners. All their products are ENERGY STAR certified with multi-chamber frames and triple panes for maximum value. Your new windows will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter for year-round enjoyment. Plus, RenovationFind Members will receive Zebra window coverings at cost, and windows at builder pricing, saving hundreds to thousands of dollars! 

Sunbusters is the only window company in Canada to hold the JELDWEN certified designation. You can trust Sunbusters for your next home improvement.

Contact Sunbusters today!

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