Bring Black Back to the Garage Door


It’s not typical to see a black steel garage door on today’s homes, and there is a reason for that. The dark surface would absorb and retain way too much sunlight, causing the metal door to expand and de-laminate from the insulation.  This can cause a rippling effect to the outside metal of the door.  It doesn’t even have to be extremely hot out, just exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time.  For those of us who live in sunny Alberta that can be a problem, especially if the home faces south.

For those homeowners who want to add a little drama and pizazz to their home’s exterior design, a new technology is available that will give you the dark door you want without these negative side effects.

If you are looking for Garage doors in Edmonton, some companies offer black steel garage doors using Clopay’s thermal-reflective paint technology. Not only does the exterior paint reflect heat from the sun, they are also built with Intellicore insulation ensuring the heat stays out. They have black doors in a couple of the Gallery and Classic Collections offered by this brand, starting at $800.

Black doors and exterior accents look very sophisticated and are trending right now. Get creative with your home’s exterior design by matching your new black garage doors with black trim accents, hinges and hardware. Find some inspirational ideas on and on the searching Black Garage Doors on Pinterest.

In addition to the aesthetic reasons to install one of these doors; installing a modern, energy efficient garage door has many benefits, especially if you have a heated garage or work in there in the summer months when it could get warm.

  • A new garage door on a garage that is attached to your house will keep the heat from escaping from the garage and thus, keeping it from escaping from your house too.
  • Your garage will be warm in the winter, cool in the summer and comfortable year round if you use it as a workshop, vehicle maintenance or other hobbies.
  • If your garage isn’t heated, having a new, efficient garage door will ensure your car starts in Canada’s coldest of temperatures.

Here are more tips for improving the energy efficiency of your garage.

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