Building a custom home? Make sure you hire these professionals

A custom home build allows you to finally have the home of your dreams. However, these projects are large and complex and require a lot of professional expertise. From project management to design, the success of your custom home build relies on the knowledge and experience of the construction team.

Pircon Group in Calgary is a professional custom home builder. They offer a range of construction services, including project management, general contracting, design, and architecture.

Project Manager

A custom home build is a big project with many moving parts. That’s why you need an experienced project manager at the helm! Project managers oversee the many aspects of construction, including permitting, sourcing, and scheduling. Moreover, they are responsible for quality control. Your project manager reviews the construction process to ensure that the workmanship is top quality and aligns with your vision. They also handle cost control and scheduling to keep your project on time and within budget.

General Contractor

Most general contractors are also project managers. If you have a separate project manager, your general contractor will hone in on construction management and supervision. They oversee all subcontractors and tradespeople. They are also directly responsible for quality control and upholding safety standards. General contractors are incredibly experienced and ensure that everything is done to code.


Architects create functional floor plans and liveable structures. They think about all the technical details that make your home design work. For example, does the floor plan flow and work for your lifestyle? Where should windows be placed for optimal sun exposure? Are there any creative solutions that maximize functionality in a smaller space? Their understanding of architectural principles and attention to detail can prevent costly design errors. Plus, they help you refine your vision and make it a reality. 


If architects work with the big picture, then designers are responsible for filling in the details. All and all, a designer turns a house into a home. They have a vast knowledge of design principles and available materials. This allows them to create the perfect design for your lifestyle and tastes. Ideally, your architect and designer work closely to create a cohesive, functional, and beautiful custom home. They will use their combined expertise to determine things like ceiling details, window placement, and the overall layout. Learn more about home design.

Custom Home Builders in Calgary 

Pircon Group is a team of professional construction experts that specialize in custom home builds. They offer everything from consulting to project management to general contracting. Their vast expertise and industry connections allow them to handle every aspect of the design and build process. They are committed to excellence and deliver unparalleled quality.

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