Building a Garage Has a Good ROI

If you’re thinking about building a detached garage on your property, you will benefit from this valuable home addition. Imagine having a space to park your vehicles that is protected from the cold, snow and wind. This is a luxury during our cold Manitoba winters. A garage addition will also give you space to store your garden equipment, tools, bicycles and other items. Some homeowners build a garage to use as a workshop or as a secondary suite for additional revenue.

No matter why you decide to build a garage, Garage Pros in Winnipeg can help from the design stages, obtaining permits through construction and completion. They share more information on the value of building a new garage:

Cost vs. Value of a Garage

According to Remodelling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report, building a detached, double car garage has an return on investment of nearly 65%. That means if you spend $50,000 on a new garage you can expect your home’s appraisal value to go up by at least $30,000. Though it won’t recoup 100% of the cost, it still has a better ROI compared to other home additions. For example, a bathroom addition only has a 55% ROI and a master suite addition just 57%.

Here is the example of the garage addition referred to in the report:

“Construct a 26-by-26-foot freestanding two-car garage, including footings and slab-on-grade foundation, 2×4 wood frame with OSB structural sheathing, and gable truss roof at 6/12 pitch. Install 25-year asphalt shingle roofing with galvanized metal flashing; vinyl siding and trim. Install five double-hung 30-by-48-inch vinyl windows; one 3-0/6-8 exterior door with half-glass and lockset; and two composite 9-by-8-foot overhead doors with motorized openers. Include 100-amp breaker at main house panel and 50 linear feet of trench buried conduit to feed new electrical subpanel. Provide electrical wiring for openers; three-way switching for fluorescent ceiling fixtures over each bay; three-way switching for two exterior spotlights; outlets to code. Interior wall, floors, and ceilings remain unfinished.”

Additional value of a garage addition:

Other than adding resale value to your home, a garage can be valuable in other ways and help you save money in the long run. For example, having that extra storage space on your property means you won’t have to rent an off-site storage unit. Keeping your vehicles inside will reduce the chances of break ins, vandalism or getting hit on the street. It will also reduce the amount of wear and tear caused by harsh weather.

Garage Builders in Winnipeg

Need a garage addition or to upgrade your old garage? Garage Pros can take care of your entire project from planning, permits to handing over the keys! They have been building garages in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba since 1988.

Get started today. Contact Garage Pros!


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